Free Basics is a Sham , Please do not Fall for it – Save The Internet

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The internet, a simple word but filled with super powers. Internet is so powerful that it helps in education, communication, leaking secrets, spreading information, shopping even downloading movies and doing video calls with people who are far away from you but with a internet connection. Now some big corporates like Facebook, Airtel etc wants to control this limitless world by making it conditional and chargeable based on how they can earn. Net neutrality is the sole reason for internet being so useful and popular. That is the single reason why everyone is surfing the net and this made big Telco’s realize the fact that they need to earn more from this, but how?

Here came the solution from one Mr. Mark & his team, Using this, they will provide some “basic” internet access to all people & the reason they said is to provide internet to each and every person. Telephone companies started supporting this in a much profiting way by providing some websites/apps free off cost through Also, this way they thought of bringing a bit of restriction in the way we use internet.

For example: Right now we pay for internet usage to mobile companies and we surf freely on the web. No restrictions about which site you can view & which one you cannot (other than the restrictions imposed by govt on pornographic sites & some restricted sites)

What will happen through Free Basics / or this Airtel Zero sorts?

You will have to take packages with restricted access over what to use. You may get a package where you can use WhatsApp & similar chat apps while you cannot surf web free of cost or access social media . For that you may need a separate pack, like this the internet will be divided into small bits & pieces where we have to pay more.

Why would we do that? Do we even require this? No, we do not, but we click on buttons and agree to terms & conditions the  same we sign documents without reading them which eventually lands you in trouble.

When big corporate came with to control the way we use the web, citizens (we) came up in support of net neutrality and tried communicating with TRAI to keep internet as it is now. Now the corporates have just changed the game a bit differently. Instead of, there is ‘Free Basics’ and the main player behind this is Facebook. They are trying to make each facebook user to support “Free Basics” without proper consent through Facebook.

About net neutrality this what the Net Neutrality team says

“The Internet’s success in fostering innovation, access to knowledge and freedom of speech is in large part due to the principle of net neutrality — the idea that Internet service providers give their customers equal access to all lawful websites and services on the Internet, without giving priority to any website over another.

Due to intense lobbying by telecom operators like Airtel and Vodafone, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is planning to allow them to block apps and websites to extort more money from consumers and businesses — an extreme violation of net neutrality.

Join us in fighting for net neutrality. Let’s remind TRAI that their job is to protect the rights of consumers, not the profit margins of telcos. Let’s demand access to the free, open Internet.”

How to prevent this?

When you see a notification in your facebook profile saying “Support Free Basics” , “Voice your Opinion about Free Basics” please do not click on “Send Email Now”  option, in fact please do not scroll down & leave the page.  I am a free citizen of a democratic country & I will never want someone limit my freedom by something like this and using cheap techniques like “Free Basic Internet to poor people”.

Save the Internet

Poor people need food, shelter, clothes & not free internet. In case if you want to give “free internet”, why are you restricting it to “basic” and why not the internet? Also, any poor man can afford internet in India if you lower GPRS packs price a bit. Instead of that, you want to use a cheap trick to help some corporates & tele companies to reap money through & Free Basics.

Save the Internet – This is how we get cheated

Most of us use internet for blogs, spreading awareness & stuff. These things reach to people because internet is there and not “Free Basics”. Let us support net neutrality by Responding to TRAI . Go to and click on Respond to TRAI now. Before sending the email, you can read what is written in that email & then follow the instructions to send it.

Our mission is simple, why to limit our freedom to a world of free knowledge, communication, innovation and endless possibilities by bringing something like “Free Basics” or Limited Internet Browsing packs?

Folks please read before clicking and agreeing to things on Facebook and sharing them among your social networks. You are getting fooled by them. Stand up against this and let us stay together for Internet & not “Free Basics”. Remember, Facebook became Facebook because of internet, if it was Free Basics, then Facebook would be a social network used by a bunch of university students.

Here’s how you can support ‪#‎NetNeutrality‬
1) Click
2) Copy ‘Respond to TRAI’
3) Follow steps

AIB exlains this very well with this video –




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