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Marriage is a new beginning of our life, especially for girls. We are being uprooted from our parent’s home to a new home. New responsibilities, new faces, new style of living, everything changes overnight for a bride. We girls are very compatible in adjusting every situation. That’s why we blend easily with our husband’s family. Usually the first few months of marriage seems like a cake walk. Being a new bride, honeymoon, visiting relatives, center of attraction etc. Once we are back to reality everything changes slowly. Most often what happens is initially bride try to impress every one and not to hurt others. This is exactly what our mom told us before we leave our home. Don’t argue, respect your in laws, suppress emotion etc etc. But at a point, we may not be able to tolerate something which makes us irritating. Thus leading to the notorious in- law wars.

So, Let’s not blindly follow our innocent mom and clearly understand and keep few things in your mind. These are the few extremely important things a bride to be need to remember:

  • Be Yourself: Mostly everyone wants to get into the good books of in-laws, meanwhile we tend to hide our real personality. Later when we are done playing with pleasing others we start to protest all of a sudden it becomes an issue. No body will remember the adjustment/ sacrifice you made so far to keep up the harmony in the family.
  • Stop taking ‘ALL’ responsibility: Yes, this is the common mistakes everyone makes. Out of respect and love, we won’t let others do their routine work. “Don’t, worry I’ll do it for you”. Stop saying so, because initially you will find in interesting in helping them in each and every matter, eventually you will get tired of it and it becomes a burden for you. So stop being a mother india 😀 .
  • Be open and straightforward: Let others know what irritates you or hurts you. Rather than complaining about in laws to your parents, it’s much better that you have a word directly with them. If they can understand your problem well and good, if not ignore the things which hurts or irritates you. Never suppress your emotions and feelings, be straight forward about it.
  • Caring your husband: ya, ya ya we love them so much that we are even ready to spoon feed them during those honeymoon eras. If so you are spoiling them. Most of the men have the habit that, when they know that they are being well taken care of, they automatically quits the little things they do, Hoping to be pampered. So don’t be responsible for making your husband lazy.
  • Don’t hold grudge: Yes, no matter how hard we try to be in good relationship we tend to have an argument or difference of opinion with in-laws later turning into a fight. That’s ok, it happens in most of the family. But, never hold on the grudge. Forgive and forget about it, because it’s all about being together. Remember they are your husband’s parents, don’t make your partners life miserable thinking whom to support.

    So girls, remember these lessons. This guidance is from experienced hands. These will help you building the basics of your married life.
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2 thoughts on “For the bride to be

  1. being straight forward always helps in this case… as you get to resolve any conflicts beforehand 🙂 Being yourself helps too 🙂 Everything in moderation is necessary..

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