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Everyone watching their weight needs an ultimate food plan for Holidays. It is going to be really long and you should be more inclined towards spending quality time with your family. Healthy eating over holiday may get tough if we don’t plan ahead.

There are going to be parties, trips where you can have huge number of options. We don’t want to over eat and stuff ourselves completely and then spend all the time trying to undo the damage. Little effort towards food planning will help prevent the suffering.

Healthy drinking over the holiday

The first and foremost thing that should watch is the drinking. You may have a glass of wine or low calorie beer but remember before you have it you must always have a glass full of chilled water. The water will slow down the drinking as you fill yourself up. You are likely to hold the glass of wine a little longer than usual time.

Additionally, we tend to gain more affinity towards cold drinks. We tend to have it instead of water. It’s normal for you to quench your thirst and go easy on diet chart, this holiday season. However, you can go with low calorie cold drinks or freshly prepared lemonades or juices. They are affordable, tasty and you can continue having it at certain intervals.

Eating healthy over the holiday

It may take a little more effort to maintain your goal of healthy eating on a holiday but it can be done. Firstly, when everyone is going to bring food items at family get together, you can bring in some delicious and nutritious burgers. When you are ordering them you can load them up with vegetables and different low fat dressings. The children and the senior members are going to love it!

You can also go for a brown bead or multigrain bread as the bun. There are different types of burgers that are nutritious and healthy at the same time:

Cheese burgers

It one of the most preferred burgers. You can opt for low cheese burgers and cut down on your calorie count at the same time. These cheese burgers are best when you are going on long road trips on holidays or if you are engaged in family games during the holiday period.

Vegetable burgers

This is one of the most staple and most selected burgers among the all. These are made out of fresh and green vegetables and are healthy due to the presence of minerals and vegetables found in them, plus they also contain a lot of fiber.

Mushroom Burger

These burgers are power house of energy. Needless to say mushroom contains high amount of energy and are easily digestible. Additionally, mushroom burgers are always freshly made because of their high chemical content. Therefore, it is advised that you must buy it from renowned food chains.

Soy burgers

These burgers are made out of soy or wholesome whet protein. The texture and flavor is almost identical to any vegetarian burger. Even though soy burgers contain more calories than the usual vegan one, it is still low in fat and a great healthy choice.

Burgers made out of grains

These burgers contain the lowest number of calories than any other burgers, but their texture is not smooth and not very tasty. To make it tastier you can ask for more condiments. You can customize the burgers  to suit your taste buds. Salt, pepper, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce are good choices when it comes to spice it up.

Last but not the least dessert is a big challenge. You can have desserts on your holiday time and still not gain weight. The trick lies in having it in the right portion. You can try the fruit desserts instead of cream ones.

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