Follow Your Intuition

You are passing by a shopping mall, suddenly you got your eyes glued on to this beautiful dress on display. Your first thought was to buy it, but on a second thought you got confused and moved on. Later you regret for not buying it. Almost all of us face such situations in our lives. We always ignore the first intuition that triggers something in our mind. What you are really doing is, making things complicated. Overthinking and over-investigating only makes life difficult to live. So let’s uncomplicate things! 🙂

So, basically in our life god always sends/gives us intuition. Whenever we need to take a decision we have the answer within us, just go with the first intuition you have in your mind. Following what your intuitive mind wants doesn’t mean being impulsive or acting recklessly. It can never go wrong if you follow your intuition. You may ask your opinion to your friends or family but final decision should be yours and keep up the intuition that came into your mind.

Like wise whenever you have a negative feeling about something just drop it right away, whether it is the beginning of a relationship, or a journey or anything. Compared to men, women have more intuitive mind. They can sense if something is going to be wrong. That’s why our mom is always right about most of the things thus she warns us about things.

So, always follow your first intuition that comes to your mind and stick to it till the end. That’s what our heart really wants rest off the second thoughts are just to create bias.

So do you think and make a move or just follow your intuition? 

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