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Earlier we wrote about the Microsoft Band which is a health band which acts as a smart watch too. This time we are going for the brand which has invaded the fitness wearables market, Fitbit. I prefer going for the basic one because the more you go up, its more like a smart watch. The base model is called Fitbit Flex.

Fitbit has a variety of models with different features:

  • Fitbit flex is a simple health band with no detailed display. It tracks the number of steps you walked and tracks your sleep.
  • Fitibit Charge is a health band with a display & watch. This one displays the time, number of steps and also displays caller Id
  • Fitbit Charge Hr – This one tracks the heart rate along with the steps.
  • Fitbit Surge: This is the Fitness Super watch which does keep a track of almost anything. Tracks GPS, continuous heart rate, all-day activity stats and sleep. Includes smart notifications and music control.

I am a person who likes to wear a watch (the normal one :)) and hence didn’t wanted a band which displays time, but still wanted to keep a track of my daily activities. This is the bare minimum you can do to control your habits. I bought a Fitbit Flex. Its sleek and simple. The only thing on that band is 5 Led’s which blink for alerts or when you reach a milestone; along with a vibrating motor. I bought the one in black color.
The box contain,an extra band, the fitbit module, a wireless receiver and a charging cable (usb).


So I started configuring the band, charged it and started wearing it. It is water resistant. Even though it is written waterproof, the company says its better to keep it away from water. I tested this part (accidentally couple of times) I wore it when I was taking bath and it is still working fine. πŸ™‚ You need to pair the fitbit to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You need to download the fitbit app and this is available for IOS, Andorid & Windows phones. Now the total control of flex and the stats can be seen on your smartphone. Also you can check for different fitness challenges and be a part of it, the Fitbit always reminds and motivates you to reach your daily challenge limit.

Is there any change after wearing this?
I am not writing a review here, but my experience. From the day I started wearing, I checked options in the Fitbit dashboard (on my phone) and saw different options. I selected one of them which was having a daily goal of 10000 steps. First day I didn’t follow this properly, but second day onwards I am making it a point to cover these number of steps. Now this has become a habit. Since Fitbit tracks my sleep, I try to sleep more now a days. It also shows if you were restless during sleep of not.

Also there are options where you can log the food, type of food, what you drink, exercise you took etc. If you want to maintain a health profile, you have to do it manually on this by entering the necessary information in the Fitbit dashboard on your phone or tab or laptop. This is the only drawback where as microsoft band and some other bands have these tracked by the watch itself. There is a big difference in cost too. A fitbit flex costs 99$ while Microsoft Band or other smart watches cost close to 200$.
Wearable market is becoming big day by day with new brands with many devices which have more capabilities. Irrespective of all these, Fitbit Flex will remain the best fitness band for many people like me who likes to keep it simple but accurate. The fitbit module is attached to be a band and you can get this in different colors (pink too) πŸ˜›

Fitbit color options


  • Make sure you wear it in the less dominant hand for accurate results.
  • Read the instructions on how to use the Fitbit and configure since it is not easy to do by own.
  • Follow the led lights on the Fitbit for different alerts or options
  • Clean the charging point of your Fitbit before connecting for charging.
  • Most important is to get motivated seeing the amount of calories you loose daily.

Buy It here:

Fitbit Site



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10 thoughts on “Fitbit Flex: The most simple & Robust fitness band – Wearables

  1. It gets difficult to measure steps and also the amount of sleep. This one sounds quite nice though I have also heard that the Microsoft ones are great. Thanks for this review.

  2. Amazing blog, I love this item; it’s a great band for maintaining our fitness. It can track the number of steps we walked. I will definitely buy this awesome fitness band having interesting features.

  3. this is an amazing post ,fitbit flex seems to be an amazing band but what are your views about new fitbit orbit and mi bands for tracking body vitals

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