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01-01-2015, the first day of 2015 started well. Delhi-Ncr was less chilling and people were seen going out. Until 31-December it was chilling cold and people mostly wanted to stay indoors unlike they have to go to work or things like that. After a heavy 31st night party, Many of us were having holiday on 1st Jan and hence we can say that the New year celebrations were pretty good.

Our expectation about 2015:
It’s the beginning of the year and I am sure many of us might be having atleast one New Year resolution. For us, our resolution is to work harder and keep this place more happening. There are some expectations and hopes from 2015.

Let us hope for a better year where some of our prime concerns gets taken care of;

  • Safety for women .
  • No more disasters which take life of people.
  • Safer Air travel.
  • Healthier & Disease free year.
  • No mass murder / War.
  • More jobs and good salary hikes at job.
  • Food for all..Let hunger go away from this world.
  • Happiness and prosperity.
  • Clean and green environment.
  • Above all Love and respect to each other.


This is what we wish from this year. Pray to god to make 2015 a good one and It is day 2 now. 🙂 Get back to work…Best Wishes for the Amazing Year ahead!!!

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