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We are one Year Old Now 🙂

A year back, 10-Nov-2012, a concept came to our mind and we thought about working towards making it a reality. Initially it was a concept, but it became much more. Nothing much happened for almost 6 months. Clueless we were, demotivated, and directionless as to how to make the concept a reality. We thought about working towards making this happen and Team theknotstory started their journey.

First anniversary
First anniversary

We were not short of options; we were full of opinions, ideas and suggestions. We thought about taking a baby step, blogs. A year back, when we started this blog, we started a facebook page too. Now we are close to 200 likes. 200 may be a small number, but for a blog like ours we are happy with this. We used to get queries, suggestions etc. These things, the feedbacks from our readers and friends are our inspiration. We have completed a year now and we promise you something above blogs soon.

On our first Anniversary, we would like to Thank You All for the support, motivation and blessings. We promise you better services along with unique content. Remember, we are the happiness ambassadors whose mission is to make every marriage a dream wedding, like a story we have read. Be with us, send us your queries, feedbacks, suggestions and anything. We are happy to hear from you guys.


Love – Team theknotstory


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