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A woman’s handbag is her sacred territory and rightly so as it carries some of her most treasurable items – the Beauty & Makeup stuff.  Whether going to work, for an outing or for a casual dinner, a girl out on the road is like a soldier in a war, she cannot predict what would she need and thus should be prepared at all times. A woman’s handbag is not just to save her but possibly some other women near her also who is in dire need of something from that precious kit.

Here is a list of some beauty essentials that a woman must carry in her handbag and should never step out of her home:

  • The Minimal Makeup Kit: 
    The Minimal Makeup Kit
    The Minimal Makeup Kit

    A make-up kit could be an amalgamation of the most essential beauty & makeup items including eyeliner, a mascara, and a lip gloss or a lip stick. If you have these things in your bag, you are ready to roll for the day!

  • Face Wash: Face_washFace wash is extremely important if you have an oily skin. You can carry a small 50 ml bottle of your best face wash to fix that dull or oily face whenever you feel the need.
  • Sunscreen: 

    It is indeed a good idea to keep a sunscreen in your bag. It allows you to freely roam around in the Sun without worrying about the tanning and the harm it can do to your skin.


  • Lip Balm: LipbalmDo not forget to carry that favorite lip balm of yours. You may need it after a while when your balm fades off. Try a moisturizing lip balm for winters to keep your lips soft and moisturized. You can keep a couple of them in your favorite colors to keep your lips moisturized, hydrated and shiny at all times.
  •  Bobby Pins/Hair BandsBobbypins

Though you may overlook their importance but bobby pins and hair bands are extremely important part of your hand bag. These are a powerful fix for ruined hair during summers or dried up hair during winters. So, as soon as you realize your untied hair is not looking so sexy, ties them up in a sexy pony or a sexy bun.

  • Tissue Papers:

TissuePapersBoth dry and wet tissue papers are must in women’s bag mainly to wipe off a sweaty face or botched up mascara. A tissue is one thing that can always be of some or the other use especially for a woman.

  • Lotion:

LotionMoisturizing is the mantra to survive dry skin. You definitely do not want to appear in a meeting with those dry and scaly hands. Moisturizing your hands helps you go on for a long day and helps increase your appeal with smoother and shinier arms. 

  • Compact:CompactThese rounded saviors have always been part of a women’s handbag as they help you with a quick touch up and provide you a mirror wherever you need it.
  • Comb:Comb

The women with frizzier hair that get messed up frequently know how a comb can save her day. Do carry a comb around because you never know when you may need it.

  • Perfume: 



It is a good idea to carry a small bottle of perfume as an essential in your bag. This is the secret to that mesmerizing lingering scent to keep you going for the day.

  • Nail Filer:





If you have those grown up nails then there is always a chance of you getting a chipped or broken nail while maneuvering around at work. This can get painful and also does not look good. Therefore a nail filer is one of the major must haves in a women’s handbag to fix these mishaps.

Apart from the above items, you must also stock your bag with some other essentials including sanitary napkins, pepper spray, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, safety pins, mirror, some mints and a pen.


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2 thoughts on “Few Beauty Essentials A Woman Must Carry In Her Bag

  1. Nice points, my sister actually carries all of these in her giant handbag! I skip face wash because my makeup will wear off. Perfume is a must have, yes!

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