Fascinating Beaches of Turkey

It is no doubt that Turkey has the most mind-blowing places where you can choose to spend your vacation. The magnificent beaches is what makes Turkey a top tourist vacation destination in the world. The place is covered with seas from all corners. There is no place on earth like the beautiful beaches in Turkey. Following is a list of top 5 beaches worth visiting during your vacation in Turkey.

 1. Butterfly Valley in Fethiye

Just like its name, Butterfly Valley is the dwelling place of numerous butterfly species. This beautiful canyon is one of the best beaches in Turkey ideal for keeping in touch with nature. If swimming and snorkeling is your thing, then you are guaranteed of having unforgettable moment in the crystal blue waters. However, if you prefer to keep a low profile, you can just relax and sunbathe in the irresistible sand. Butterfly Valley has an active nightlife. You get to enjoy barbeques and bonfire party’s right there at the beach.

2. Alanya Beach in Antalya

Fascinating Beaches Of Turkey

You cannot afford to leave Turkey before visiting Alanya Beach. Alanya is renowned for its warm Mediterranean water as well as its remarkable historic buildings. There are many outdoor activities offered in the beach including para-sailing, jet skiing, ringo rides, and windsurfing among others.

3. Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan

Fascinating Beaches Of Turkey

Your Turkey vacation would not be complete without visiting Iztuzu Beach. Its breathtaking view will make you want to come back. Besides being sandy, another reason why many tourist love this beach is the fact that it is never crowded. In addition, there is a great cafe serving a wide selection of ice cream and food. You get to enjoy boat rides in the beautiful crystal clear water. Perfect way to sit back, relax and enjoy the sound of the waves. The Turtle rescue centre will definitely make your visit to Iztuzu Beach a worthy one.

4. Patara Beach in Aegean Region

Fascinating Beaches Of Turkey

This is the perfect spot for enjoying beach walks. This turkey’s longest beach is ideal for family as well as couples. Furthermore, the beach is famous for its turtles. The sunset offers you a magical view. Moreover, it is also less crowded. Best choice if you are looking for a relaxing place where you can escape from the hassles of city life. The relaxed ambience offers you a unique blend of serenity.

5. Oludeniz Beach in Oludeniz

Fascinating Beaches Of Turkey

Oludeniz is known as Turkey’s favorite beach destination. It is loved for its extraordinary crisp blue water and its big size that can accommodate a large number of beach addicts. You would want to miss visiting this region of natural beauty, located in the celebrated turquoise coast. The borders of the beach are packed with cafes, shops along with beautiful restaurants that are offering mouth-watering foods. The beach also offers thrilling water sports activities such as scuba, diving, snorkeling, paragliding and wind sailing.

You will find that Turkey offers you the best sun and sand. There are many beaches in the region butthanks to this guide, choosing which ones to visit is no longer a daunting task. Turkish e-visa also lessens the burden that come with travel arrangement. You can obtain your visa online within approximately five minutes.

Guest post by: Rose Marlo


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    1. Its one of the most beautiful country, because of political instabilities it’s not the favorite tourist destination 🙁

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