The most famous Kanjivaram sarees- Our favorites!!

If you are an Indian you would know about Kanjivaram sarees. They are the most famous among the South Indian bridal silk sarees(here). The kanjivaram sarees also known as Kanjipuram sarees got its name from a village called Kanjipuram from where it was originally woven by the traditional weavers. Kanjivaram silks are world famous and every South Indian bride mandatorily owns a couple of Kanjivaram sarees.

The best part of kanjivaram saree is that, you can wear minimal jewelery and still look  the beautiful and elegant. Being a South Indian they are my favorites too.  No matter how trendy and modern we are, on special occasions we prefer to wear a pretty  kanjivaram saree (talking about the south Indians 😛 )

Gold jewelry is the best companion of kanjivaram sarees. They blend together very well forming the most elegant look.

If  you have your mom’s old Kanji saree in shelf with minor damage, no need to dispose it, you can transform it into a pretty skirt and pair it with a choli and give a trendy or traditional look of your choice.

Here are few of  our favorite kanjivaram sarees worn by gorgeous ladies.






















Do you own a kanjivaram silk saree? 😀


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