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Christmas/Xmas is celebrated all over the world on 25th of December. Some parts of India, you will get to see Xmas celebrated just like they celebrate in foreign countries. Family Xmas is celebrated by almost all in our country with our family.Best reason why we should celebrate Xmas, kids do believe in Santa.

Some things which we can do to celebrate Xmas:

1) Make  a Xmas tree and decorate it. – Let children help you in decorating.

Xmas tree
Xmas tree

2) Make a Christmas crib with baby jesus, joseph, mary and the angels.

Xmas Crib
Xmas Crib

3) Decorate your house by putting decoration lights on your house, hang stockings and mistletoe.

Hanging stockings
Hanging stockings

4) Buy some gifts and hide it in a socks and keep it under Xmas tree – kids love gifts from Santa.


5) Either bake a cake or buy a cake to have on Xmas. Without a Xmas Cake, Xmas is incomplete.

Xmas Cake
Xmas Cake

6) Have a good Xmas Lunch /Dinner with Family/friends with a bottle of wine.

7)  Donate something to the needy, Food or Old clothes or anything which will help them.

8) Be a Secret Santa to someone, enjoy the joy of giving.

The above are our suggestions and following them is solely upon one’s like.

If you folks haven’t done any of the above, hurry you still got some time left. Also you can track Santa’s current location here

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