Facebook or Fakebook!

Social media, especially facebook is a blessing they helps to weave relationship between people much better. It also helps to know how happy  people are and  even make us assume that others are leading the happiest life and we are the only one who is going through hell. But how well do you know about your friends and acquaintance. There are a lot of hypocrites out there, tying to get attention or just showing off. How many of you know such couples who always fight with each other but posts how happy their life is, a mom who often complains about her child but post pictures of how lucky a mom she is, a son/daughter who never bother about their parents posting parental quotes or a friend who betrayed and cheated on you posting friendship quotes. This is whats happening in the virtual world.

All these hypocrisy sometimes make us laugh especially when we know them personally. Facebook is not their real face. They are just portraying how they want us to see them and how perfect they are. We shouldn’t be carried away by seeing what they post. To know a person you need to spend a lot of time (may be years) with them.

Then there are the other groups too – the sympathy earners. I mean, everyone has got problems in their life, nobody is leading a perfect problem-free life. By posting it publicly in Facebook will not solve your problem. You might get ‘sympathy likes’ and cliché questions like “what happened dear” , “take care” etc, other than that nobody is going to say how can I help you. So show some self esteem and find a solution to your problems. You know who your best friends and well wishers are, so talk to those good friends rather that posting it on Facebook.

Everyone wants to know “the most recent new feed” and nobody bothers about your post once it has been scrolled down. So forget about satisfying your virtual friends. Prove yourself how good you are rather than faking it on Facebook. One good deed is far more better than thousand “like’ you get from Facebook.

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10 thoughts on “Facebook or Fakebook!

  1. So true! Facebook is no barometer on how many friends you have nor is it the correct depiction of you…its a fine line, between being real and faking it. We should trudge it carefully. Very good commentary on the current situation. Well written 🙂
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