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Yay folks! It’s Fab Bag’s 2nd Birthday 😀 and Fab Bag want’s to celebrate it with you guys. Yes! we are giving away 2 Fab Bag’s for you…Exciting isn’t it? The giveaway starts today and ends on 6th September Midnight. 

If you are still confused about Fab bag, read about Fab Bag(here). The tempting “The Vellvette Bag” which eventually became Fab Bag.

Just like we say Celebrate in Style, Fab Bag is celebrating its second anniversary with a giveaway and we are happy to be part of it.  

The contest is simple, Follow these rules and September Fab Bag in yours 😉      

  1.  Follow @theknotstory & @fabbag on Twitter (mandatory)
  2. Follow theknotstory (here) & Fabbag (here) on Facebook (mandatory)
  3. Follow theknotstory and fabbag in instagram 
  4. RT/ Share the giveaway on Facebook & Twitter tagging theknotstory, thefabbag and your friends
  5. If you don’t have twitter or Instagram account share  this on  Facebook  and tag 5 of your friends.
  6. 1st winner will be with the maximum number of tweets/shares.
  7. Complete the sentence, “I love Fab Bag because …..” (comment below)
  8. The person who completes the sentence with the best reason will own the second fab bag

Terms & Conditions:

  • You need to follow Step1 &  Step2 to be part of the giveaway.
  • The giveaway will end on 06th September Midnight.
  • If the winners does not respond within 48 hours, we will choose a new winner.
  • Theknotstory’s judgement will be final.
  • The winners will be announced by 10th – September.


What are you waiting for girls? Hurry up, you gotta win 😀 You got time till 6th September Midnight only 🙂

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53 thoughts on “Fab Bag – 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!!!

  1. whoaaa so exited for the awesome giveaway 🙂
    following you everywhere 😀
    My Facebook name- Punam Windflower
    Twitter- @iBumbleBee_
    Instagram- punamwindflower

    will try my level best to win fabbag 🙂 ♥will tweet and share till 6th sep !

  2. I love Fab Bag because what’s not to love!!
    Every girl wants to feel like she’s a special and unique, and FabBag can do that better than anyone!! You are special ladies!!

  3. Congrats fab bag way to go. You guys are doing an amazing job. 🙂 🙂
    I love fab bag because of the luxury products you guys offer. I would never buy such expensive brands of cosmetics 😀

  4. I love Fabbag because every month I can try some
    different cosmetics and skincare products.It’s very
    good for me because I like to try a variety of stuff, and like to collect miniatures when I
    travel.Plus I get all of the amazing products delivered to my
    doorstep. Fab Bag is fun! and for the Price, I don’t think there’s anything to complain about.Fabbag is really fabulous ♥ , would love love love to win September Fabbag 🙂

  5. Congratulations Fabbag ! You guys have been doing an awesome job of keeping us thoroughly indulged ! 😀

    I LOVE FABBAG cos its like my ‘Secret Santa’ who knows how to pamper me, comfort me and spoil me with such amazing products that I might otherwise not even try !
    Thanks a ton for helping me discover some of the products that I can’t live without now ! 🙂

  6. I love FABBAG becoz get 3 deluxe cosmetics & beauty products from top global brands plus expert tips-n-tricks that will help me get the most out of every product. I want try them.This is complete requirement of mine.

  7. I have totally fallen for FabBag after receiving my first. I have taken subscription for 6 months, but I am very sure for continuing with it forever. Love you FabBag and hope to get the best bags with best contents in it

  8. I love Fab Bag because the anticipation and butterflies every month wondering what have I got in the bag this time. Feeling a little scared too. And after opening the bag wondering why you ever doubted FabBag. Followed by a silly dance routine.

    This crazy jumble of feelings every month and I love everything about it. Wouldn’t change anything! 😀

  9. I love the fab bag because of the products n specially the cute bag that you ppl choose very carefully which i might not try otherwise. its like a pricess type feeling <3 <3

  10. I love fab bag because… Girls are picky and girls like surprises. But it’s very difficult to surprise them with something they actually like! Enter fab bag and it actually surprises girls with the best of beauty products according to their taste! What more can one ask for! 😉

  11. I love fabbag because it makes my day from the day i subscribed to fabbag with its goodies.I start my day with its goodies and cherish them every moment.
    I Love fabbag because it introduced me to many new brands which i never thought of trying such as kronokare,nyassa,brocato,palladio,nyx,votre………so on…..
    I used to waste lots of money on routine moisturizing gels,curl calming lotions and body washes just to try them wishing them to do magic.I subscribed to fabbag thinking this is also waste of money …..but to my surprise fabbag proved me wrong.All the goodies it sent to me were really magical.
    I think before sending these goodies to us they check them if they are worth.
    All the products which fabbag send to us can be used daily , skin friendly and head to toe (body washes,face wash,face pack,eye shadow pallette,mascara,lipstick,nail polish,eyeliner,moisturizing gels,handcreams,manicureand pedicure cream)
    I start my day with kronokare body wash and then apply votre moisturizing gel ,nyx eyeliner,palladio mascara and apply nyassa hand cream and move onn…..with lots of happiness(thanks to fababag ) for choosing such magical products.
    I am just waiting for some magical nude lipstick or lipgloss
    Last but not the least congrats to fabbag for 2nd anniversary many more years to go
    Keep going with same quality products and give us lot of Happinessss………

  12. Well I dont know why do you need a reason to like fabbag.. its simply to die for! Any reason we give is just an excuse to get one more awesome bag and super cool goodies. Its like a monthly stress buster. Eagerly waiting with anticipation for the bundle of joy to arrive every month and then basking in its beauty month long. The best part is that the bags and products are not repeated. Its like having birthday everymonth. *giggles* . The only bad thing is its too addictive.. like lays.. no one can have just one. Everytime youll keep improving something and now the freebis are all the more exciting.. so its like everytime I get the bag I wonder what next, how more exciting will youl manage to make it next month. But my, youl never cease to amaze. Congratulations on turning 2. I hope my grand children’s grand children may also enjouy ur services and may ul go on beyond that too. *kisses* keep up the goodwork team.

  13. FabBag has been a part of my internet viewing space since a year almost, but to be really honest i didn’t get the chance to subscribe to fabbag, due to me Not being a lotion/potions whatyoucallit junkie. But reading all these wonderful comments from my fellow subscribers, i really really think i should get down to ordering one for myself RIGHT NOW! You guys turn 2,HOOOORRRAAAHHHH for the milestone! I haven’t experienced first hand, but a friend of mine subscribes to you and I’m truly jealous of the highly personalized goodies that she gets to try, in the cutest pouches ever!! Will soon be buying myself one of them goodies for sure! Happy birthday FabBag! I Love FabBag because it makes me it has literally changed the way I look and feel about my skin and body, and makes me want to take care of it, just like you guys do to every happy satisfied gal! 🙂 🙂 : )

  14. I love FAB BAG as it brings within it an array of beautiful surprises for all the lovely angels out there. F-Fabulous , A- Admirable, B- Bag for B- Beautiful and A-Angelic G-Girls

  15. I love fabbag… yes I do!! Its wat every girl needs and wants… and the bag delivers!!!! Its my own “genie in a bag” and i will never lose the connection! love you fabbag <3

  16. I am in love with fab bag. Surprises are nice like who doesnt like em? And that too experts choose it for you! How better can it get. There are misses but hits too! Everything doesnt work wonders for everyone its just even if I find my perfect product thats the best thing for me. 🙂

  17. I Love Love Love Fab Bag because ” It’s doing a really great job in making all the ladies feel super special… out of all the hinges of their lives this bag comes as a treat of reward for them which can light up the complete month at an instant. Thank ew so much @thefabbag You couldn’t have treated all of us any better… ”
    May I subscribe to u all My Life…!

  18. I Love Fab Bag because this is a beautiful enterprise where in u get new Beauty Products at your doostep! Its convenient as you dont have to look for new beauty finds & FabBag makes u feel special 😀
    Followed on insta, twitter & facebook & RT’d too
    hope to win 🙂

  19. Do I really need to state the reason that why I love Fab Bag? I can literally write a mini book on “The Reason to Love Fab Bag”. First of all I would like to congratulate Fag Bag for completing it’s amazing two Years..!! You are doing a wonderful job from the last two year, i.e., bringing smile on the face of all the beautiful ladies. The First Fab Bag which I have ever used was July,2014 edition. It was my birthday month and my bestie gifted it to me. I was jumping with happiness because I was thinking to order it from a long time but every time postpone this idea due to one or the other reason. I told my bestie infinite times that how much I would love to try this bag. As we always say that best friend exactly know what we want, so did my friend. She made my birthday even more special by gifting me this awesome blossom gift. I loved every product inside it. I totally loved Iraya Massage cream, I have even ordered it’s full size; Bio Bloom’s Oil was Cleanser was fantastic, it has actually helped me with my dandruff issue; Vivel’s Body lotion was so light and refreshing, good option for summers. I don’t use lipsticks and lip liners, so I gave Deborah Ilrossetto’s Lip Stick and Lip Liner to my mum and she liked it very much. It makes her even more beautiful. Overall My first encounter with Fag Bag was so Fabulous that now I am thinking to subscribe for the whole year subscription and get some great discount too. I really appereciete this idea of providing such great brands and different products in a single bag, keeping everyone’s needs in mind. Apart from the useful products, it also gives a pretty and adorable bag, which we can use in number of ways. In short, It is a FABULOUS bag which surprises it’s subscribers every month with the variety and the excellent products it provides. It is like the red bag of Santa Clause, for which everyone waits and whose goodies always brings a pleasant smile on everyone’s faces. Thanks a lot Fab Bag for introducing me with such great Brands whose name I haven’t heard before. Investing in it, is the wisest decision any woman can take in her life.

  20. I love Fab Bag because they make each & every month very special by sending awesome makeup and skincare products, which every girl will love. As their name suggests, they are fabulous bags. Trying a new product every month is really very interesting and Fab Bag gives us the chance. A big applause to their team.

    All done !
    Twitter follower: @DivyaAsha
    Facebook name: Divya Asha
    Instagram follower: @ashadivya
    Tweet link:

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