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Some recipes happen because of the tinkling taste of the yummy food you had some time back. Remember the girls trip to wayanad we wrote about, if not its here
During our girls only trip to Wayanad, we had an awesome breakfast from Greenex resorts. Even though all the food they served were mouth watering, there was one particular dish which just remained in our tasted buds. It’s called Elaanji. We all used to have it in our childhood days during our visit to grand parents house. As we grow older we just forgot about its taste and existence. So having it again from wayanad brought back our childhood memories. Since then I was planning to make this snack. . As you all know that we keralites can’t live without coconut, this dish also requires some coconut 😉
Flour                        2 cups
Milk /water             1.5 cup
Eggs                         2 no’s
Atta                         one table spoon
Sugar                       One table spoon
For filling:
Ghee                 as per requirement
Freshly grated coconut        Half of a coconut
Cardamom powder              (of 8-9 pods)
Sugar                as per taste
Firstly we need to make the filling :
  • Heat a pan and add ghee, coconut, cardamom powder and sugar into it. Stir all the ingredients. Please make sure that you shouldn’t over saute it. Saute it just for 2 minutes or until the coconut turns from white to off white. Once this happens, immediately switch off the pan .
  • Now mix all the ingredients for the batter. make sure no lumps are formed. That batter should be just like the dosa batter.
  • Now heat a non stick pan and pour a ladle full of batter just as you do dosa.
  • Another important tips is that you shouldn’t over cook the crepe or else it will crack while rolling it. Just cooking it mild is enough; just like rumali roti.
  • Now place that crepe in a plate and spread the coconut filling over it.
  • Start rolling it from one end to the other.
Yummy Elaanji is ready to serve.
Tks tips:
  • You can add crushed cashews into the coconut filling for a different taste.
  • A pinch of turmeric or yellow food color gives a brilliant color to your Elaanji.
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