Eat Healthy and diet Smart

Weight gain! The two words every girl including me is scared of and we would never love to hear it. ‘ Have you put on? ‘ Whenever I receive this comment from people my heart literally sink, and I’m sure many of yours too 😛 Being a foodie dieting is out of question in my life.

By the word dieting we often relate it to starving, at least 90% of us think so. But lately I found out that starving and dieting is no where related. It’s just that you need to select your diet smart ly. So when I hear the heart sinking ‘ Have you put on?’ comment I follow a healthy diet and try to cheat less on it 😀

Few tips for you guys from my experience:

  • Never ever miss any of your meals, infact eat five meals a day.
  • Reduce the intake of rice, use brown rice which is healthier than white rice and include salads and sprouts in your meal.large_88f43edd233379bc6180


  • I have seen people getting packed and preserved fruit juices in the name of dieting, that’s not the right way. Try to make fresh juice at home, infact eating the fruit is the best and healthy way. Also, do not chop and store the fruit for hours and consume, the right way is to consume it immediately after cutting.Fresh-juices-fruits
  • Never miss your breakfast. The saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” is something to be followed in our daily routine. Avoid heavy and late night dinners. Reason being our metabolism is faster during the mornings and slows down during night.
  • 10-Healthy-Breakfast-Tips
  • Most important, try to prepare your daily meal at home. The more often you eat outside the chance for you to gain weight is high, mainly because of unhealthy and heavy food supplied in hotels. If you have craving  to eat something different, Google and prepare it. That’s what I do 😛
  • Replace ghee with oil. While you prepare paranthas and dosa avoid ghee/oil in them. It may not taste the best, but you need to compromise a bit to gain a perfect shape 😉
  • Avoid fried items as much as possible. Eg: consume dry fruits instead of chips, dry roast papad instead of frying it.dry-fruits
  • Include drinks like fresh fruit juice, butter milk etc in your meal and there by you can reduce the portion of solid food.  Replace butter milk by lassi and fruit juices by milk shakes.ElderflowerSpritzers.jpgbuttermilk
  • Reduce coffee/ tea, instead drink green tea and lemon juice.


  • It often happens that you end up overeating thinking that the food will get wasted, never do so. If there is extra food prepared push them in fridge and use it the next day.
  • Fix a cheat day, like once in a week maggie, desserts, non-veg or any of your favorite item. Follow it strictly and do not cheat on the cheat day 😉

When you have decided to follow a diet plan make sure you stick to it. My hubby is the biggest enemy in my case 🙁 He spoils my schedule by bringing all my favorite food ,  hope that won’t be the case with you 😛

So guys Eat healthy and Diet smart!

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33 thoughts on “Eat Healthy and diet Smart

  1. So many wonderful tips! I have been on nutritional change since early May, and have lost 7 kg so far. I still need to loos other 4, but since I started it was also about changing lifestyle and doing more sport and outdoors life. Well, I broke my foot at the beginning of July and I can barely walk, let’s say I drag my leg like a zombie LOL, I can’t even exercise! well, at least I haven’t put on weight since then 🙂
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