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Any idea what is the best way to find a house on rent?
Yes you guessed it right, Internet is the main source. I will be more specific.
Open two or three property related sites.
Select the options in filters. The most common being

  • Location
  • Rent
  • Number of Rooms

This is not all, Another important feature in all these sites will be an option where you can specify whether you are looking for ads posted by owners only or Agents or both.
Eg: Listed by ->
Option 1) Owners
Option 2) Agents
Option 3) Both

I saw this in multiple sites. Checking the Checkbox next to ‘Owners’ option will fetch results of ads posted by house owners regarding renting their home.
Once you find two or three houses as per your requirement, Check for the same ones in other property sites too.This will give you a basic idea about the availability, Rent etc.Make sure you look for the pictures and check the location in the map.Once you have shortlisted, Call the owners and plan for a physical visit. After the visit, do not hurry. Go home, think and discuss with your family & decide the one. Seal the deal by paying Advance/Token.

If you are looking for a house in a particular apartment at a particular location and you are unable to find online, go there physically. Talk to the security guard at the gate or the apartments office. If there are any apartment for rent, they will help you out. You don’t have to pay a huge amount like you pay to the Real estate agent. A small amount will suffice and they will help you better once you move-in, unlike the real estate agent who will call/visit you every year to get his commission during the home rental renewal period too.

If you are a bachelor, just check for the apartments terms & conditions to know if they accommodate bachelors. There are sites where you can find accommodation for bachelors. There are even house owners who prefer renting out only to bachelors.

Good Luck with House hunting..

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