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There’s an old saying: cleanliness is next to Godliness. And if that’s the case, the kitchen might very well be the least holy place in the house. Thankfully, though, there are lots of quick and easy ways to make your cooking space that little bit cleaner. We’ve put together some great short-cuts to getting that just cleaned feeling, covering everything from how to get rid of flies to how to complete a morning cleaning blitz while your coffee brews.

Kitchen cleaning tips:

  • Good organisation makes everything easier – Achieving great kitchen cleaning results can be much easier with a few simple reorganisations of your layout. Have a look around and think, is everything I use regularly in the close reach? Are the cleaning materials nearby? Are the things that get dirty often in full view? Make sure to put cleaning utensils somewhere accessible to you, like right by the sink, so you’re reminded to use them often. Put kitchen utensils that get dirty easily on high shelves out of eye-line or away in the cupboard.
  • Integrate cleaning into your morning routine – When you think about cleaning the kitchen it feels like a massive task and one that is very easy to put off. But in fact, making sure the food preparation space is sparkling fresh doesn’t have to be about scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees every weekend. There’s a surprising amount you can do in just a few minutes it takes for eggs to cook or coffee to boil. For example, in 3 minutes you could wipe down all the surfaces, stack dishes in the sink and make sure the hob is clean. Voila, a significant difference in no time at all.
  • Appropriate food storage – One of the easiest ways to improve kitchen cleanliness long-term isn’t actually about cleaning at all, it’s about how you store your food. When perishable goods are left in the wrong place for a while all sorts of nasty things can happen from horrible mould to attracting lots of flies. To prevent these issues keep as much food as you can in the fridge or in cool, dry cupboards and don’t let the rubbish in your bins build up too high.
  • Washing the linens – Finally, here’s a tip that many people forget. Whether your kitchen looks clean depends to a large part on whether the linens look dirty. There’s nothing like stains and marks on your tea towels or oven gloves to affect the look of the whole room. If you just do one thing differently to keep your kitchen looking fresh then it should be making sure these items get a good wash every week.

Of course, these are just a few ideas on how to maintain kitchen cleanliness for people without much time. Remember to do a little bit of cleaning every day, this way you’ll only need to give your kitchen a thorough, deep clean every now and again.

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