Dr Batra’s dandruff cleansing shampoo review

There are umpteen number of brands when it comes to anti dandruff shampoo. A particular product which is effective for one person may not show a good result for another person. It all depends on the type of dandruff. Basically I am an oil refinery -_-. My skin, face and scalp are way too oily and to add up the agony I have sweaty and itchy scalp. So every alternative days I need to shampoo my hair. I don’t use any anti dandruff shampoo because I feel the amount of chemical it contains can lead to hair fall, so usually I use paste of hibiscus leaves from my garden as natural shampoo. Then one day I thought why not try some herbal or ayurvedic anti dandruff shampoo? Did little research and shortlisted few. When I was going through all the brands from supermarket, my husband just bluntly said go for Dr Batras. To be very honest he never gives any suggestions about my cosmetics or beauty products ; this was a surprise for me and I went with his suggestion and bought Dr Batra’s dandruff cleaning shampoo 😀

Dr Batra's dandruff cleansing shampoo review
Dr Batra’s dandruff cleansing shampoo review

Let me get back to the product

Dr Batra’s dandruff cleansing shampoo – enriched with Thuja (white cidar) which is rich in anti-oxidants with proven anti-bacterial properties.

Cost: Rs 175/- for 220 ML

Shelf life: 3 years

They claim product contains Thuja which balances the scalp’s oil production by improving blood circulation and cleaning out clogged hair follicles.


Dr Batra's dandruff cleaning shampoo
Dr Batra’s dandruff cleaning shampoo

Packing: Dr Batra’s dandruff cleaning shampoo comes in a transparent bottle with a hologram sticker on the knob which ensures unopened.

I have been using this for almost a month now. It is a mild shampoo with a mild pleasant smell. It doesn’t lather much, so you might need to take more quantity. I never apply shampoo directly to my hair; I always dilute it with water. Whenever you are using any anti dandruff shampoo do concentrate on scalp, that’s the root cause of dandruff.

         Pros of Dr Batra’s dandruff cleaning shampoo:

  • It minimizes the dandruff and reduces itching
  • Doesn’t have any strong chemical smell
  • Easy availability
  • Not heavy on pocket

    Cons of Dr Batra’s dandruff cleaning shampoo:
  • Need to take more quantity as it lathers less

As for the result, yes it is effective up to an extend. I am not totally free from dandruff now but it did minimize the dandruff and itchiness. I would recommend it as a anti dandruff shampoo to those who have oily scalp. I would try it for another 2-3 months more to check about the product effectiveness.
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