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For most of us, thick black hair is one of our biggest asset. Be it a girl or a boy; thick and healthy hair uplifts ones personality and confidence. Some of us give utmost care to our hair while some just ignore, Some lucky ones are blessed with healthy hair which need less maintenance. Unfortunately majority of us do not fall in that category and so we need to take good care ofย our hair. Moreover our lifestyle, the junk food we eat, pollution, stress etc tampers hair growth.

Today I’m gonna share with you guys a DIY home made hair oil using Neem leaves. From skin care to its medicinal value, the goodness of neem is well known to all of us.

This is one of the easiest version of neem oil.

Things needed:
A bunch of fresh neem leaves.
A cup of oil (preferably coconut oil).
Method: Slow heat oil in a pan, add the neem leaves and heat it till the neem leaves turn brown. Now leave the oil to cool. Transfer the oil with neem leaves into a bottle. Apply the neem oil minimum 30 minutes before you go for shower. Repeat twice a week for best results.

The anti bacterial property of neem helps to cure dandruff making it the best anti-dandruff oil.
As mentioned above, including neem leaf oil in your hair care routine shall help to to reduce hair fall and helps in faster hair growth.

Apart from this Neem is best for pimple and acne cure. Those who have neem tree at home can use neem boiled water as a toner. Neem reduces dryness and helps in skin nourishment.

You can also use dry neem leaves powder available in the market, but fresh neem leaves gives the best results.

Do share your version of neem leaf oil ๐Ÿ™‚

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