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Holi, the festival of colors is here. This is by far our favorite festival! I have noticed that some of us do not like to play Holi and the main reason behind this is the chemical colors which are easily available in the market. No one wants to spoil their well maintained skin, face and hair with those chemicals and specially if the D day is around!
So we thought of sharing a solution to this. You can play Holi without using artificial colors. Yes! let us make herbal Holi colors at home. A little time & effort on this and you can play a chemical free herbal Holi πŸ˜€ Sucha breather for your skin isn’t it! This is the beginning, let us be an example and lead the way. So here’s How you DIY herbal Holi colors :Β 
  • Yellow: Β Mix turmeric (haldi) Β with gram flour (besan) and there you get the herbal yellow. For wet yellow mix turmeric in water. Marigold Petals boiled in water and left over night also forms yellow color for Holi. This will repair your skin and help you de-tan too. How cool isn’t it πŸ˜›

    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
  • Red:Β Β Instead of using red color go for red sandal wood powder which is easily available in the market which is used for beauty treatments like face masks, so you are actually doing a face mask πŸ˜› . For wet color boil red sandal wood powder in water and dilute. Also, dried petals of rose, hibiscus when ground gives you red color.

    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
  • Green:Β Mix natural henna powder in gram flour and forms the herbal dry green for Holi and when diluted in water forms wet green.You can apply henna on each other and play holy as well:P The paste of spinach/coriander leaves diluted in water also gives you nice green color. And with henna on your hair you need not worry about another spa treatment too πŸ˜›

    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
  • Magenta:Β Soak grated beetroot in water and leave for some time. For perfect magenta leave them over night.

    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
  • Brown:Β Black tea or black coffee when cold is the best herbal brown (of course with out sugar πŸ˜› And it acts as a good exfoliator too)

    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
  • Saffron:Β The most expensive saffron when diluted in water and ground gives perfect saffron color. But I would suggest not to play suchan expensive Holi. πŸ˜€ . Boil palash flower petals in water and leave over night.
  • Blue:Β Dried Jacaranda flower or blue hibiscus when ground forms herbal blue.

    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
    DIY Herbal Holi Colors
  • Black: Dilute nicely ground black grape inΒ plenty ofΒ Β water and you get black herbal color.
Our Tips on Playing Holi with colors:
  • Apply oil on your face and hair before you start playing Holi. This will make the color removal little much easier.
  • Apply nail paints to keep the nails protected from Holi colors.
  • Try not to wear your contact lens on Holi. Protect your eyes from the colors. Not every one will use herbal colors.
  • Don’t be rude, stay clam and enjoy Holi πŸ˜€
So guys, share your best Holi experience with us.
PS: I am posting this blog a bit earlier so that you guys have the weekend to prepare the herbal colors πŸ˜€ and enjoy a Happy and Healthy Holi. Remember, the herbal colors act a bit like cosmetic too πŸ˜‰ And don’t forget to tell me how and which colors did you prepare!!! πŸ˜€
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31 thoughts on “DIY Herbal Holi Colors – Celebrating a healthy Holi

  1. I like to play holi with Gulal as I don’t like other color because the involvement of chemicals. But you mentioned some good tips to create your own natural colors, will definitely try them.

  2. I don’t use color at all to play holi and if I do so it has to be turmeric πŸ˜€ that’s an awesome post and it gave me so many ideas of different colors using natural things.

  3. I play holi only with abir/ more wet colours for me. And I stay miles away from dark green and black (they just refuse to go!)
    Hebal Holi is a good idea! I used to buy the MDH abir powder which is milder on the skin than loose powders being sold.. This year I got Fabindia Organic Powder. They should be good too.

  4. I don’t play Holi, however since this is my first Holi after marriage, my BIL, brother and family members are too excited.. God save me. I told them to get herbal colors.. Will share this link..

  5. This is an informative article and in light of today’s time and needs. The ingredients of holi colours have changed over the last couple of years. Organic colours seems to be working so far. If one wants to play decent holi with colors, I think gulaal made from besan is also enough but yes, if you want to indulge in Holi madness where people like to dump others in marshes or paint them with silver and gold colours than any suggestion would not be worth trying.

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