DIY Herbal Hair Oil with Hibiscus for healthy hair

Yay! It’s DIY day πŸ˜€ . Hair fall is a never ending problem among girls. During my childhood granny used to pamper my hair with variety of herbal hair oils, and I used to have thick black hair. All these are history, now I don’t even have 1/4th of my actual hair. Me too a victim to dangerous hair fall πŸ™ .

Recently I have started taking baby steps to protect my remaining hair, started with hot oil hair massage twice a week now πŸ˜€ (No idea how long will this last )

Today I thought I will share one of my granny’s herbal hair oil with you guys,Β DIY Herbal hair oil with Hibiscus.Β 

You all will be knowing about hibiscus plant and also that the leaves and flowers of hibiscus is excellent for hair growth.

DIY Herbal hair oil - 1 (Hibiscus)
DIY Herbal hair oil – 1 (Hibiscus)

Β For Hibiscus herbal hair oil:

Coconut oil: 100 ml (or your favorite hair oils/ or mix of 2 or more hair oils)

Hibiscus flower: 20 chopped ( red flower gives the best result)

Heat the pan and pour oil.Add the flowers and allow it to boil for few minutes in low flame. Switch off stove and leave it for cooling. Transfer the oil without filtering to an empty clean bottle and store.

Apply the oil once or twice a week and shampoo your hair after an hour or so. Hibiscus herbal hair oil will help to reduce hair fall, dandruff and gain thick black hair.

TKS tips:

  • You can use your favorite oil for preparing the oil. I mentioned coconut oil as my granny used to make it in coconut oil.
  • If you have hibiscus plant at home, grind the leaves and flower and apply the pulp on hair and scalp, Trust me it works as the best herbal conditioner.
  • Hibiscus helps to reduce dandruff and gain black hair.
  • You can also add Amla (gooseberry) to the oil along with hibiscus flower.
  • Hibiscus plant itself has lot of medical value. The roots are used for making ayurvedic medicines.
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72 thoughts on “DIY Herbal Hair Oil with Hibiscus for healthy hair

  1. DIY methods are definitely so much better than the chemicals we put in our hair….but where do i find hibiscus flowers πŸ™

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