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Yay it’s my favorite time of the year again planning new year resolutions, chilling cozy weather, Christmas celebrations, secret santas, decors all around. I feel so blessed and happy during this season of the year.

Today Akshaya is gonna tell us how to make DIY Christmas crib at home.

Over to Akshaya 🙂


  • A sheet of thermocol
  • Pins
  • A sharp thermocol cutter/blade
  • Fevicol/any strong glues
  • Paint and brushes
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Straw/hay for the roof OR Sawdust Brown & Green

I am sorry for not being able to share photos step after step. I was busy making it and couldn’t click during every stage. But trust me this is really simple. Make it for yourself or your sibling or kids or whoever you love. <3

 DIY Christmas Crib
DIY Christmas Crib


It’s very simple and you can make it in hardly 15-20 minutes. I am giving the same measures as I have taken with which we use the whole sheet of thermocol and builds it in a standard size.

 DIY Christmas Crib
DIY Christmas Crib

For the roof, the best kind of thatching is hay/straw. Since I didn’t had that I used bits of my string curtains..LOL !!!:D I don’t throw away everything.. 


Base: L= 19.5 inches & B= 14.5 (cut the sheets length at 14.5 inches)

Roof: Bigger slope L= 13 inches & B =10 inches

Smaller slope L = 7 inches & B= 10inches

Side walls: H=6 inches & B= 6.5 inches

Back wall: H = 5 inches & B= 14inches


Step 1:  Attach the roof slopes with the glue and the pins and keep aside.

Step 2: Attach the walls on the base sheet on the rear end so that you have plenty space for your front yard.

Use both glue and pins and pin it from beneath.

Step 3: I used a couple of small pieces to attach it for the front wall and placed a couple of pieces to make it look like a wrecked barn. A broken windowpane etc etc.. 

 DIY Christmas Crib
DIY Christmas Crib

Step 4: Paint the walls giving a rock texture or any class you like. (I applied brown and gray acrylic paint, drawing bricks with black and shading it with the other two colors. You can use oil paint also) 

Step 5: Once the glue firms on the roof part, apply glue all over It and sprinkle brown color sawdust as I made it this time. It is messy and make sure you don’t do it without lining a newspaper sheet or something on the floor.  You can also stick straw/hay which is the best option.

 DIY Christmas Crib
DIY Christmas Crib

Step 6: Attach the roof on the walls with a few pins make show it won’t fall apart.

Step 7: Apply glue on the front area of the base and sprinkle it with brown and green making it look like a landscape.10-1975201_10204076299040777_4969543995888636907_n




Your crib is ready! You can use as many ornaments as you wish. Tiny trees and rock structures, hey stacks, and yeah don’t forget to hung a tiny star. You can also place a small bulb through the gap of the back wall and roof. And of course the figurines are ready available in the market.  Follow the tradition and keep the infant Jesus inside the crib at 24th Dec midnight 🙂

 DIY Christmas Crib
DIY Christmas Crib

Wish you all a very merry Christmas!!! Spread lovee…

 DIY Christmas Crib




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