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I am an Aamir fan and hence I watched Dhoom 3, what came after that is this blog. When the movie started, it looked like a stylish Aamir Khan movie. Very soon I understood this is not true by the entry of Mr. Jay and Ali. From there I was able to see bollywood version of Madagascar 3 Europ’s Most wanted with Aamir in it. What i felt is that Dhoom 3 is made from Madagascar 3 with similar story and cast. For those who are clueless, I can explain.

dubois vs jay dixit
Dubois vs Jay Dixit


Sonia vs Victoria
Sonia vs Victoria

Jay Dixit reminds me of Captain Chantel Dubois, Ali reminds me of King Julian. Katrina does the role of the lioness in the circus. Victoria, the actress who does the role of a cop does the role of Sonia, King Julian’s girl friend in Madagascar 3.

Sonia vs Victoria
Sonia vs Victoria

Now the story line, Like Madagascar 3 this movie revolves around a circus with lot of people and their dreams. Like Madagascar 3 there is heist, there are chases like the one you see in Madagascar 3 where vehicles are driven on the roof top’s. There is a scene where Victoria rides a bike like Sonia rides with Julian behind her. The story of this movie moves like Madagascar 3 minus all fun. Madagascar 3, the circus was a cover for a trip to a zoo in america while the circus in this movie is also a cover for proving that this is a movie sequel. The last scene of Dhoom 3 features jay just like Captain Chantel Dubois in Madagascar 3.

Jay Chase vs Dubois Chase
Jay Chase vs Dubois Chase

If I compare this one with Madagascar 3, the level of entertainment, story line and other things, there is no comparison. This movie is a proof that with great investment, you can get great returns even if your  product does not do anything good or in other words selling a non functional product with right marketing.

After reading our blog post Madagascar stars went to watch Dhoom 3. After watching Dhoom 3 displayed reactions of Madagasr 3 stars –

Dhoom 3 vs Madagascar 3
Dhoom 3 vs Madagascar 3

Our review was to watch this movie for Aamir Khan and entertainment with brains switched off, you can still go for the same.

Disclaimer : This post is written from fun perspective and no harm meant to anyone.


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