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Durga Puja festival marks the battle of goddess Durga with the shape-shifting, deceptive and powerful buffalo demon Mahishasura, and her emerging victorious. Durga Puja is not just a “Puja” for folks from Bengal, it is more of a festival of delicious food, entertainment, and spirituality. To capture the essence of this Puja festival the best place to visit in Delhi is C.R Park a.k.a. Little Kolkata.  This time, Sharmishta Cheema of Delhi Food Freaks invited us over for a Food Walk at CR Park.

This Puja season, keeping apart our tight schedule and last minute plans we were able to make it for the CR Park food Walk. After 7 years of procrastination, we finally managed to visit this food heaven with all the little food stalls, fish markets, beautifully decorated Puja pandals, and sweet shops.


Delhi Food Freak have been organizing food walks for some time now, but this was our first and we are extremely happy about the experience. Our guardian & guide for the day were Sharmishta & Sanju Bhai 🙂

We all decided to meet at the CR Park, Market 2 and started our food walk at the famous DADU Cutlet Shop. A cozy little shop located in Market 2 with a wide variety menu which has cutlets, chops in Chicken, Fish, Mutton, Egg & Vegetarian, and even fried fish. The specialty about the menu here is that nothing costs more than double-digit, the average price of a cutlet is 50 INR. We ordered the Mutton cutlet and  Chops, Fried Fish, Fish Chops, Devils Egg, Bonda & Samosa and started our journey tasting these. The Mutton cutlet is my favorite followed by the Fish Fry and Devils Egg. Everything here tasted good and it is impossible for someone to order just one item of the menu saying ” I just want a ” because everything here tastes good and you would want to taste everything! 😀

Next up Biswas’s (A small vendor in Market-2, CR Park) Jhelmuri and Ghugni. The Jhelmuri looks like the Mumbai Bhel, but tastes different as they add oil from Achar which gives a different flavor altogether. There are Ghugni and Mutton Ghugni, and we tried both. These all are the street foods one should never miss.

From there we headed to the sweet shop. There was this laddoo type sweet with a filling like Petha (Agra Petha) which tasted so good that I almost forgot that I don’t have a sweet tooth. We even tried Raskadam (sweet with a filling of kheer inside) & Rabri type sweets. As we wanted to cover more stalls and joints we didn’t bulk up and decided to move on. 😀 Sharmishta took us to the fish market which had these varieties of fresh fishes ready to jump into the pan, you get so many varieties there that we being Keralites didn’t know the names of half of these. :O

Next step was to visit the grand Pandal. The decorated stage with the statue of Durga Ma looked prepossessing. We checked out the little pop-ups and stalls inside the Pandal. 

Next, we arrived at CR Park Market 1 & headed straight to the Raju Chat Corner which is famous for its Puchka a.k.a Pani Puri. You don’t have to worry about the water being bad as they only use mineral water for the Pani.

From here, we moved to Kolkata Biryani House and the Biryani didn’t fail to surprise us. The place lived up to the hype as the Biryani had so much flavor, infact the Aloo in the biryani itself had a different flavor which makes you crave for more. We also tried their Chicken Tikka roll which was average. Later we went to the chai walah who serves Kulad Chai  (tea served in clay cups) which was kick-ass & much needed after all that we hogged.
Our last stop was Kamala Sweets and this is the place where you should try the “Mishti Dohi” & “Baked Rosagollas”. Trust us, if you haven’t tried these you haven’t tried Bengali sweets! 😉 


This was our first time to CR Park and also the first food walk with Delhi Food Freak. The walk was so good that we are still hungover from the walk. The people, the conversations, the food and the mad festival rush made our evening memorable! We are still flabbergasted by the taste of DADU’s cutlets, the Mishti Dohi, Kolkota Biryani, the Baked Rasogollas and so much more!

CR Park

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