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I love Delhi during this part of the year the most. After the severe torture by scorching sun it is this part of the year that I can go out and roam around and shop conveniently :D. Winters are heading I need to be ready for winters LOL! My winter shopping starts from the month of September and goes on until march πŸ˜› .

I love the city during the Dussehra festival. The decorated streets, the durga pooja pandals, colorful crowd in ethnic wear; everything looks so delightful and pleasing, I will say this is an eye candy to see. We don’t wanna miss roaming around the ramleela grounds, Durga Pooja Pandals and the temporary stores who sell yummy sweets and food. Yeah! where there is food we are there :P. During the same festive season I get to do my shopping for Diwali and Dussehra. I still remember my first visit to Kinaare Bazar two years ago with our friends. Man! people had gone crazy shopping there. The narrow streets and the huge textile stores in those narrow streets with humongous collection fascinated me πŸ˜€ . I was so confused that I came empty hand without buying anything:| Those who have been seeing this from childhood may not find it so special but for someone like me who migrated to north India its just fun and amusement πŸ™‚

I get to see the charm of Delhi during this time of the year which continues until Diwali. My visit to CR Park(heard a lot about the beautiful pandals and the Dussehra celebration in CR Park) is still pending from the past three years. Better luck for me next year hopefully πŸ™

My Diwali shopping is still pending and this year I’m gonna celebrate Diwali without my Mr. as he’s gone for an official tour πŸ™ . You would know if you are following me on instagram.

Share your Dussehra experience and also about the festival shopping. πŸ˜€

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22 thoughts on “Delhi Festive Mode Begins

  1. I too want to visit CR park since a loooong time! I was pretty hard-pressed this time but a friend told me that it takes nearly 2 hours for entry and exit each. :/

  2. Over here, the festive season is alive and kicking too. We are taking it easy, just a small gathering with family members. Thanks for letting me that its winter in Delhi. Let me see if by any chance, I can make a trip. Been wanting to but so far, nothing.

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