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Dear, baby is crying, wants to go to loo, dear baby needs to change her diaper.. How many of you have heard this often from a man (esp a father). I have come across a  couple of them who just consider that all these work are ought to be done by the mother. As if a husband’s role is to just cuddle and play with the kids. Parenting a baby is not just a mother’s job. Just like getting pregnant it requires both spouses participation. Usually once when she becomes a mother all the physical responsibility is automatically showered on her. 😐

The father should also know the basics of baby care. You can’t just pass on the baby to their mother whenever they are crying. Even the mother is not blessed to take care of all the situation, its through patience and understanding that she came to know about all the baby needs. 

There is nothing to be embarrassed of your babies potty cleaning or diaper changing. If you really love your wife and baby you won’t give a damn about what others are saying. Actually society respects you more for how you are taking responsibility. You don’t have to answer to those chauvinists who don’t understand the value of a good parenting.

Unlike olden days now we see that both parents are working and  it can be so tiring for a mother too to look after the baby as well as manage her home and work together. Mostly they are forced to send their kids to playschool or creche even though they don’t want to. A home can be made beautiful only by equal contribution. When the wife is supporting to make the home beautiful, it’s the husband’s responsibility to help her and be a part of each and every bit which includes parenting. I’m not stereo typing husbands here, but majority of them do not like to be a part of household matters other than finance.

I strongly believe that paternity leave should also be allowed to husband for a month at least, so that they too can get along well with the baby and should also know the post delivery crisis a mother goes through.
Don’t complain later that kids are always closer to their mother, because mothers never pass their child to father whenever they need her. 😀Father Changing Baby's Diaper
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34 thoughts on “Dear, baby is crying..

  1. husband helped me in eveything ..when my older one born he taught me how to change nappy n all…god bless him…
    I have no complaints regarding this …beautifully written laks…loved the article. .now I m njoying motherhood with second one too who is 10 weeks old n hubby is still helping me ….He do everything ….I believe we both have a child not me only …

  2. In Canada we have a year of maternity leave and either parent can take it or share it with each other. I think both parents need to be involved equally 🙂

  3. Haha I know this the case with most men. I am not sure why they feel like this. I have to admit I have been lucky my husband has always helped me out. Even if he didn’t want to lol.

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