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  Karnataka has a number of tourist attractions. Mysore, Nandi hills, Coorg, wonder la water theme park, Bannerghatta national park and many more. We have already explored most of them and were searching for a an adventurous trip. We got a few suggestions;  Dandeli is what we liked among them: D

Read about our Dandeli experience: D :

 Dandeli is about 480 Kms from Bangalore and 125 kms from Goa, located in North Karnataka.  You can choose rail, air or road transport, the closest airport is Hubli (75 kms).  It’s an ideal vacation for those who love nature, wildlife and adventure (we focused more on adventure ;)) You can visit Dandeli any time of the year, but best to skip during monsoons as you may miss river rafting.

There are a couple of resorts in Dandeli, we chose Century resorts. This resort is located approx. 75 Km from Hubli from where you can get connected by air or rail, the best part is they arrange vehicles for pick up and drop. We were a group of 15.

       We got picked up in jeeps and going through the narrow man made roads inside the forest gave us the first thrill of being at dandeli. 😀 The resort is a bit different from the ones you find in a city as it gives you a homely feel. The cottages are lined up in a fashion that makes it look similar to row houses. Their rooms are quite large, well maintained, with attached bathrooms, supply of hot water, and has a TV – Nothing much to complaint about the Century resorts, not the best one though

           The bed spreads were clean n fresh, after a tiring journey you can actually relax and take a nap if you wish to ( we didn’t want to waste our time doing so 😛 ). Some of the cottages are provided with balconies, but there is no such spectacular view other than a man made lake right behind the resort

Morning breakfasts were average but not bad, they mostly served karnataka cuisines, but also had bread, butter for those who preferred it. There are recreational actives in the resort like target shooting, archery, etc.  But are just for the experience as it’s all an amateur setup, nothing much to expect. Also there are few chargeable activities like zip line, water zorbing, rowing, etc.. Which are very average, zip line seems easy but is takes a lot of stamina to finish: D

Now let’s talk about the best part of our trip: D . Rafting!! A 9km long rafting experience. What a fun!  One of the most exciting thing to do if you love adventure, there were trained professionals with us as guides. For those who have done rafting in Manali or similar places, this may not be as satisfying, but for the first timers like me it was a life time experience: D . Your most hilarious expressions white rafting will be captured – this photo shoot comes within the rafting package. Cool na 😉 1-cheese131-1025

After the rafting we headed to our resort and at night there was camp fires arranged which was good enough, they played our favorite songs for more than 2 hours. Even though we were tired nothing could stop us from dancing and as you guys know camp fire with good company is real fun 😀

             After dinner we had a nice sleep and the next day we headed back to Bangalore. Ours was a short trip of two days.  If you guys are planning for more days there are more fun activities like rappelling, adventure trekking, bird watching, jungle safari and many more in Dandeli.cheese12

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48 thoughts on “Dandeli- An awesome weekend adventure: Travel Review

  1. I had been to Dandeli and i met this person, Jafar. He was so polite and humble.jafar helped us with everything, including travel, food and view spots. Only because of him, we could do our water sports faster. We were new to Dandeli. We wanted rafting video. But we forgot.After i reached bangalore i called him and seeked help. He went and spoke to faculty and then i sent money to them, i got the video later in a week. And It was totally safe. Next time i visit that place i will definitely call him. I was lucky. I recommend him as a travel guide-cum-driver.
    His name is JAFAR.
    Phno: 9902683879

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