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An apple a day keeps the doctor away but at times you have to visit doctor, hospital. Hospital is a simple word but complicated if you don’t know the right place to go for the treatment required or the test to be done. Most of us live far away from our home in some city. This is where Credihealth comes into picture. It’s a website and smartphone application which helps a patient and his family to plan the entire hospitalization. Credihealth is working to be India’s Medical Assistant, helping a patient through their hospitalization journey.

You can search for Hospital, Doctor, specialty or Treatment in a city using the Credihealth smartphone app or website. You can also compare and select between the hospitals in the area. These features are especially helpful to a person who is new to a city.For instance, if you fall sick on a vacation and want to consult a doctor but don’t know who and where to go to – Use the Credihealth app and search for doctors available nearby . The search result displays the name of doctors available with a picture and details about them like Consultation Fee, Specializations, Current designation, years of practice, awards etc.Also doctor appointment is booked and follow-up scheduled Similar case is when you search for a hospital. You’ll get cost estimate of surgeries from 3 Hospitals. This helps the patient to compare and select the best option for himself to find the best doctor, right hospital, right treatment price from hospitals. Credihealth has the largest network of hospitals with over 500 leading hospitals in 10 cities across India.

The website is built very clean and easy to use so that anyone can access it. As you open the website you’ll see different sections for all your medical conditions like heart, brain, cancer, joint replacement, weight loss surgery, spine, organ transplant and so on. Best thing is they also have a separate section for women.  You get to read about the related treatments available when you  select each section. Example: Click on ‘Heart’ and you can get all the details about heart related treatment. The details include the procedures involved, doctors available, hospitals & a cost estimate for that procedure/treatment. The website also provides guidance by experienced Medical Experts. All you need is to do is go to and search. Download the smartphone app to choose the right doctor or hospital on-the-go.So check out Credihealth to assist you through your tough times.

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