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This guy is a big audiophile and he is a sucker for headphones/headsets/speakers. Every time he travels and finds a good deal he makes it a point to buy a headphone. Out of these many, there is one headphone which we want to highlight. The varieties in the world of headphones start with the expensive beats audio & master of noise cancellation Bose audio and then the music masters like AKG, AudioTechnica and then stops at the regular ones like monster or JBL. We wanted to share about the one we are using. This one is not the regular expensive one and we are pretty impressed with this very reasonably priced Noise Cancellation Over the Ear Headphone by COWIN AUDIO, Cowin E7.


The Case of Noise Cancellation

Travelers, especially air travelers who do trans-Atlantic flights know the importance of a noise cancellation headphone. Even though you have the headphones provided by the Airlines, it is always good to a have a noise cancellation headphone which will let you enjoy the in-flight entertainment or even get some good sleep with some Zen music playing with the Noise Cancellation On. Well, we came to know about these benefits after he bought the Cowin E7 and the battery back-up is pretty good.

Cowin E7 Box

The Looks

Looks are Ok, the chrome adds a bit fancy look to the black beauty. The fit is a comfort and using it for long hours won’t hurt your ears. The cushioning is soft and just right, but not the best if you are planning to use it during work out or any activity which involves sweat. The audio performance is good with a perfectly balanced low, high & mid in normal mode, while once you switch on the Active Noise cancellation, then the sound clarity remains as it is while the loudness mildly reduces. There is a 3.5mm chord which you can connect to the headset and to the laptop to listen to audio in wired mode. This is not a high-performance audio headset, but a value for money Wireless Noise cancellation Headphone for all the travelers which costs less than .

You can easily connect this one wirelessly with your laptop or phones (Android, IOS) and the pairing process is easy. There is a quick charge which means with 15mnt charge this will go for another 2hrs. The headphones are accompanied with a usb charging cable, a 3.5mm chord with jack and a carry pouch.


The Sales – Service

Above all this, the after sales service is awesome and that is what made us write about it. The headphones we have developed some glitch because of which it stopped charging and we dropped an email to Cowin customer support. We got a prompt response asking about the problem and the solution was a free replacement. Since he bought this from, the replacement product is available from the website. We had a good experience with Fitbit sometime back and now it is COWIN who surprised us with prompt Customer support with a quick solution. While we mostly avoid buying products by new brands doubting about the quality and after sales, we had mostly very good experiences from new brands like COWIN.


  • Value for money.
  • Active noise cancellation.
  • Above average sound performance.
  • Audio clarity is good.
  • Quick charging.


  • The Microphone doesn’t have background noise cancellation.
  • Not a performance headset for music listeners like AKG or Audio Technica.
  • The fit and aesthetics are not upmarket like Bose, Senheiser etc

You can check their website for more products –
You can buy it here

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