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It’s Delhi again, all our anger, frustration, depression, shock have been evolved into a total unemotional stage. We no longer know what to express anymore. How long shall we shout and cry hoping for justice? Whatever have been said and done have fallen on those deaf ears. It’s all repeating again and again and we just stay watching it helplessly. All this hype will be there for few days, as soon as the newspapers and channels get a new sensational story they will just hop onto it.

Pepper spray, swiss knife, speed dial, safety apps in phone, shouting, begging… nothing can help a woman in such a situation. It’s true, during such unexpected situation we tend to go numb, not knowing what to do. Even the strongest of strong girl can feel helpless sometimes. While going out we can never expect anything wrong happening to us, and all of a sudden when something horrific happens we just black out. Even if we have a gun in our hand we may fall in utter shock that we can’t trigger it.  

The only thing which can make any change is our “COURAGE”. We need to bring out all the hidden courage with in us to fight it. We never know how courageous we are until we rise against. Never think of the consequence, just attack and fight back with all your power. Turn anything into a weapon, it might scare the coward in him.

But, the important thing is, you can try to avoid certain situations. Like switching on GPS while travelling alone especially at night, take a company when travelling alone to a unknown place etc. It may not be possible for someone to accompany us all the time, but still it’s better to be safe than sorry. Never expect any help from the society, it is better that we use our common sense than being over smart.

Neither law and order nor society is gonna support you, it’s just our family  who’s gonna be there with us. So be smart enough to avoid such a situation in your life and courageous enough to over come it.

We are unlucky that we are unable to roam around freely at night even though we have the right!

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25 thoughts on “Courage- Every girl’s hidden power

  1. Firstly, I salute all you brave souls out there. I can’t imagine it myself. I feel sad though that somehow you are oppressed from your rights. Will it ever improve? I hope so one day.

    Stay brave and bold, girl!

  2. It’s sad that we can’t roam freely… but there are evil people that want to hurt others for no reason other than to hurt others… very sad… good article

  3. I feel so deeply for all that has happened being a woman.. i wonder in this modern world if women are still getting their due respect.. always treated as a commodity … i hope things get better and the govt does something esp now since Modiji is in power!!!

  4. Can’t agree more with this post because its inner courage what makes one independent and fearless specially in case of girls we cannot trust anyone more than ourselves.

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