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There are lots of baby care brands available online in India. With the onset of so many baby care brands available in the market online as well as offline it has become really confusing for the new or expecting mothers to decide which one is best for their baby. Anyway be patient, stretch your mind a little bit and keep on hunting for the best ones. After all parenting is not an easy job. This article will help you a lot if you have recently attained the status of motherhood or in case you are going to deliver your bundle of joy in some few months. Here we will try to find out which are the top 5 baby care brands available online in India.
1. Himalaya-Be Indian and buy Indian
It is of course the number one brand in baby care products in India. It is an excellent answer to those much hyped, heavily advertised international brands, whose products cause rashes and irritation to baby’s skin instead of taking care. Himalaya’s baby care products are known for their purity and sole Ayurvedic formulations. They are extremely effective, soothing and balanced and give all the required nutrition to your baby’s soft and gentle skin. You can get these products at very reasonable rate from babyoye and firstcry. They also provides some hot discount and coupons for baby products so to get the discount use babyoye coupons or firstcry coupon codes and for more offer and deals visit
2. MotherCare- Stands by its Name
Mother Care products comprises of all natural extracts. They offer an entire range of baby care products from clothing till furniture & fixtures. Their products are extremely popular among conscious Indian urban moms, who are very much concerned about the quality of the products that they use for their baby. I am fan of MotherCare products, especially Mothercare clothes for infants. The advantage with its clothes is that they are extremely soft and even if you will use it for years and years its color will not fade.
3. Mee Mee
Another brand in Baby Care Products is Mee Mee. Personally I like it very much and the same I expect from you. Just give a chance and prove whether I am right or wrong in my assessment. It offers a wide range of baby care products like feeding bottles, clothes, toys, cribs, skin care products, wrap blankets and baby’s strollers. Especially I like Mee Mee’s skin wipes. It’s so good that I was amazed.
4. Mother Touch- Ensures durability
Mother Touch Baby Care Products scores really good in quality, durability, safety and the price at which offers them is really commendable. Some of Mother Touch popular baby care products are walker, swings, bouncer, yoyo prams, baby stroller, cot, mosquito nets and cradles.
5. Pigeon-
Pigeon has a wide collection of Baby Care Products, which includes, skin wipes, nursing bottles, teethers, cooling sheets and many more to come in this list. And all of them are skin friendly and you can expect the same quality in Baby Care Products too as they offer in home appliances segment.

You can surely rely on the above mentioned top 5 brands of Baby Care Products in India which are available online. So, if you are an expecting mom or new mom whatever it may be, arrange your wardrobe for the new baby and introduce all the popular baby care products of these brands in it and use them and see the difference! The rest you will say!

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