Conversation with Rocky & Mayur

By now you all know we love travelling and food. We love to explore different cuisines at the places we travel and we don’t follow our staple meal while we are on vacation. Our recent Goa holidays were awesome with an overdose of beaches and seafood. While coming back, we met the mighty Highway on my Plate stars, our idols when it comes to food, the guys who do the best job in the world- Rocky & Mayur 😀 We were at Dabolim Airport waiting for our flight to Delhi and it is then we saw Rocky & Mayur passing by. We bumped into them with loads of excitement and told them that we are their biggest fans. Infact, that were the only words Laks could speak and after that she was awestruck. It was the fangirl moment for her and I clicked some pictures and had a small chat with Rocky & Mayur while Laks was busy posing for pics 😀

Conversation with Rocky & Mayur

Funny thing is, you say Hi to them and they react and talk the same way they do in the show. No show-off, no build-up, pulling each others legs (exactly the way they do In Highway On my Plate) simple & fun loving guys. After taking some snaps, we were off to our seats while they were busy doing their job (Not eating this time). We went and asked them if they have time for a small interview and they said let’s do it in flight 😀 Bingo!!! That is awesome because we were clueless about what to ask. Shooting this won’t be a good idea and so we gave them some questions in Laks special secret notebook. She won’t let me touch that thing. Below are the questions and answers from Rocky & Mayur
The Interview:
How do you Scout the places to eat?
Mayur: Wee don’t; We eat everywhere
Rocky: Based on how well loved they are, fame, reputation of food

Three things about you that no one knows
Mayur: Pierced body parts – Worked on Fashion – Climb Mountains every year
Rocky: I am slim & Sexy – Good looking 😛

Suppose it’s the end of the world today, what will be your last meal?
Mayur: Everything I can get my hands on.
Rocky: Gilawati Kebab, Biriyani, Punjabi Chicken Curry & Naan.

Which is that one cuisine you always wanted to try but haven’t tried yet?
Rocky: This bucket list is complete, but ‘Carnivore’ in Africa is a restaurant I would like to visit.
Mayur: Mongolian

How do you Detox:
Rocky & Mayur – Coconut Water.

We haven’t edited these answers and this is what they wrote 🙂 Also, we made sure we got their signature too 😀

Thanks a bunch to Rocky & Mayur for giving time to answer these questions and being nice to us. I am sure we would get more chances to bump into each other, but now we are running around covering the list of food joints suggested by you guys. 

In case if you don’t know more about them, you can read about handsome Rocky and Mayur  at

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