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“Hey, let’s go for a tour”- the most exciting words you would love to hear if you’re a travel freak. What matters the most is with whom you’re travelling and not where your are travelling. A trip to a nearby garden with your close friend can be more exciting than a trip to Switzerland with your enemy. So choosing a travel partner decides the fun ratio of your trip. The top most tour partner you should avoid are:

A Miser: No we are not spendthrifts who look for a luxurious stay or dines at 7 star restaurants, but we know where to spend reasonably. Travelling with a miser changes the whole atmosphere “lets find the cheapest hotel, cheapest lodge, cheapest commutation and lets save petrol by not going there”. Travelling with such a person will always make you regret for planning this trip. This doesn’t mean that we have to spend our entire savings on a single trip. Save enough so that you can enjoy your trip rather than counting the expenses and budget on your way back.

Miser in words: “ya, hmm, ok, yes, no, ha ha.. “ these are the few precious words that comes from a person like this. You will be talking non stop about global warming to celebrity gossip and all they have to say is a “ya”. In the end you will be suffocated to death out of boredom after few hours especially if you are travelling. Having a chat with all will spice up the mood and we won’t get bored or tired.

The nagger: “ This place is boring, the food is yuck, the hotel is small, the road is dusty…” they can go all day long with complaints and criticism. With their negativity, they are spoiling their mood along with others mood too. While travelling you’ll have to move out of your comfort zone, everything won’t be as per our needs and requirements. Spending the whole day with such a person will make your bheja fry and mostly that will be your last trip with such a person 😀 .

The stopwatch: “c’mon hurry up, we have to cover 32 places today before returning, so lets peek and run”. Yes, these people also exist. They just want to have a peek of the place and run to the next destination. You paid so much for the trip and what’s the use if you are not enjoying it. It doesn’t matter how many places you visited, but how you enjoyed and explored it.

These are just the toppers with whom you should try to avoid during your fun trip :D. Others like late comers, arguing couples, 24/7 screaming kids, bragging couples etc can be adjustable upto an extent.
So next time beware of the kind of tour partner are you choosing.. 😀 Do share your experience on such tour partners. 😀

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7 thoughts on “Planning a trip? Choose Tour Partner Wisely

  1. Nice post. Quite funny and valid. There are such people who do exist and traveling with them becomes such a pain. But the worst I faced was when I had to travel with “We are so much in Love!” couple. It was one of my worst travel experience..

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