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It’s been long time since I am thinking of writing about it, but then I thought let’s write the other version- Childfree!
Schooling, college, job, marriage, children, retirement- These are the routine phases of a person’s life. There’s no way we can skip our schooling or college; job is mandatory but some still manage to live without a job, (as that person inherited a huge fortune or have a working spouse who can financially support). If a person chooses not to get married, then the whole world become restless. They nag you to the extreme that finally you give up and decide to get married, not that you want to but just to keep the naggers away. But still there are a few who still manages to escape from all these naggers, don’t know for how long 😛
Similarly, choosing to be child free is considered as taboo. When you try to present your decision to your family, God knows how many will faint, while rest of them will be cursing and scolding you. There are a lot of couples who choose to be child free and they have a pretty good justification to say about it.

Childfree- a good choice??
Childfree- a good choice?
  • Freedom, yes, that’s the first and foremost benefit. You can literally spend your entire weekend on your couch without doing anything, take naps whenever you want, late night sleep or late morning wake up, who cares 😀
  • Financially, you are much well off than others because cost of raising a child is pretty expensive. You don’t have to think twice before buying a new car or renovating your home;)
  • Traveling is so easy, just apply for a leave, pack your bags and off you go, no need to worry about school holidays, children’s appetite, child safe tourist place etc
Childfree- a good choice??
Childfree- a good choice??
  • You can concentrate on your career or passion, because you don’t have to worry about child’s future when taking each and every decision. Even job hopping or getting transferred is not much a worry.
  • You are more spontaneous with your life style- sudden travel, extra time at office, a get together called at short notice, you are always on for it, because you don’t have to bother about picking children from school or leaving them alone at home.
  • Your life will not revolve around a child’s school schedule.
  • You are going to be the best aunt/uncle your niece or nephews gonna have, because whenever you are with them you are fully devoting your time on them.
  • Your physique is much more well maintained than those who went through childbirth; not stereotyping, but mostly it is 😉
Childfree- a good choice??
Childfree- a good choice??
  • Home is always a picture perfect place, everything will be kept as it is. You can always decorate your home with your favorite things rather than being bothered about fragile things, which have to be kept away from children.
  • You don’t have to fake yourself trying to be a good parent, if in case you want to live your life in your own way.
  •  All of your resources including time, energy, and money can be devoted to whatever you want, since you don’t have to be concerned with meeting the needs of your child.
  • Whenever you wish to spend time with children you can always ask your best friends and siblings, they will be glad to do so.
  • Your friends are mostly jealous of your life style, best friends admits it but ‘just friends’ never 😀
  • At least you are honest; you never crib about the child problems and later give a speech about how well planned your life is.
  • One less reason for the couple fights as most of the fights revolve around kids.
  • You always have your own time for everything like television, napping, reading, meditating, exercise, yoga, listening to music, outing etc -WHENEVER YOU WANT
  • Regarding old age, they never expect anything; they are mentally prepared about their old age. On the other hand, rising number of old age home is the best example of how the kids are looking after their parents nowadays.

    Yes there are positives and negatives of each choices like family is incomplete without children, children brings a lot of happiness in our life, our old age is much secured etc etc

    There are few celebrities who have chosen to be childfree like Oprah winfrey, Helen Mirren, Renee zellweger, Cameron Diaz, Ellen degeneres, Eva mendes, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Cattrall etc etc
Childfree- a good choice??
Childfree- a good choice??

Personally, what I feel is that you should not interfere in others choices, let them take their decision of their life. Wanting to get married or not, wanting to have children or not, wanting to be a home maker or working woman or whatever it maybe, if you thing it’s wrong you can give your opinion but never try to force your personal thoughts into others. There are still lots more to worry about like global warming, terrorism, diseases, over population, poverty etc rather than couples choosing to be childfree.

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53 thoughts on “Childfree- A good choice??

  1. very personal & controversial topic… Some of them are contended with their present life that they choose not to have a baby.. Its always family’s & society’s pressure that drives us to things in life.

  2. I agree childfree is a good decision but children brings some kind of lit in your life, you start living life more happily and amazingly.

      1. Well a recent study showed that for 70% a people the birth of a first child is worse (in terms of happiness) than divorce, unemployement or the death of a spouse. So I’m not really sure of what you’re saying. Having children might cause some moments of great joy but on a daily basis, it is exhausting and stressful.

  3. Aahh such a well wriiten post.. well honestly the societal pressure is more in our country even though we live in a modern world. i would say a person should do best what they feel like n i wish ppls mindset chnges in future

  4. While its individual preference, there’s plenty of trues in this post. To a certain extend, I’m now more free to do what I want because my one and only is on her own and living her own life. I’m enjoying every moment now because besides the needed house work, I decide what I want to do.

  5. Jini, what a heartfelt read! My husband & I would love to go child free but we feel the extend your family pressure mounting every time we socialize with our clan.. I truly wish people would stop meddling into other’s affairs and get a grip of their own life. :/

    1. Esha dear, we must have a lot of courage and will power to present this issue, because our society is never gonna accept it, they just want everyone to follow the herd.. :\

  6. Loved the way you have compiled the entire article…just like you mentioned naggers are the main reason most of the things like marriage and children happen in India. I totatlly agree with you that person should be allowed to make his/her own choices, no matter what.

  7. I have to agree! Having children or no should be the choice of couples but again what might seem annoying might be what you just need after a few years.

  8. Nice article – well written and funny. Although I love my so called ‘bundle of joy’ the pains of motherhood needed to be said out loud.

  9. Love the article, but it’s time to remove Cameron Diaz off your list of celebrities who chose to be child-free – she’s pregnant at 43.

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