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Maternity is always the most important period of a woman’s life. Everyone would advise you to be very careful and take every step after a careful thought. If you are a free soul and someone who cannot just stay in one place then it is going to be a difficult period for you. But simple life hacks you can still enjoy your maternity period like any other time. Without any room to doubt, being pregnant is the most joyous experience a woman can have in her lifetime. Everyone will start treating her as the child itself. But our bodies prepare itself to deliver the life’s greatest gift, the baby. In this process of preparation, our body undergoes a lot of changes.

The first and the body evident change is our body weight, shape, and structure. This is when the bump peeps out. This is the cutest thing according to me. As a woman who loves her body, we all have the right to boast this bump. Now, there is something you got to be very careful about. Since your body mass has increased to accommodate the little one, you got to be very careful in lifting weights, stretching and other unnecessary movements. Your frequent visits to a maternity hospital in Bangalore or any other city you belong to would make you meet a lot of other moms-to-be. I was staying in Bangalore at my mom’s place during my fourth trimester. I would take frequent walks and sit in the park for a long time to get some fresh air. This is not just for my body but also for my mind. I was facing frequent mood swings and would feel irritated very often. My mind was able to understand that it is inevitable during this period but overcoming it was a tedious task. Not just once in a day but multiple times. So frequent stroll around the house and the corridor helped me ease myself. Make sure you wear a pair of non-slippery rubber wears to your foot. This will provide you additional grip while walking a smooth surface like a marble one. My gynecologist in Bangalore told a different set of exercises and a family friend who was a gynecologist in Chennai told me a different set. No complaints on both but the feasibility of doing one of the both sets was low. Yes, I had put on a little weight and it was difficult to cope up with it.

I was continuously on vitamins and some other tablets and this completely changed my taste buds. Feeling the taste became a wish. Most importantly, you will really not know which food is tasting good and which is tasting bad. For me everything was bad. Hence I made up my mind to feel whichever taste bad is actually good. Alright my beautiful moms-to-be, do not get into any notions during this periods. It will be filled with ups and downs but there are always reasons to cherish. Happy Pregnancy!

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