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Delhi summer is climbing the peak with no mercy and it is hard to go outside/travel during day time. While I was contemplating the weather last week, I received an invitation from Indiblogger to attend an event. I checked the time and venue, it was scheduled at 12.30 pm at The Lalit, Delhi. I had already missed a couple of events organised by Indiblogger because I was either out of station or unwell, so this time I didn’t want to miss it (fun factor is guaranteed at their events ๐Ÿ˜€ ) .

Without any second thoughts I opted to attend the event. It was organised by Horlicks India and I got to know that it’s something related to growth of children, brand new product launch by Horlicks, The meet hashtag goes by #catchupongrowth.

The bloggers were welcomed by an awesome lunch organised by the Indiblogger team at The Lalit. After lunch we gathered in the hall . The hall set up was classy and elegant as any other event organised by Indiblogger. To start with there was a fun chit chat session by Anoop where the first timers were given a chance to introduce themselves, followed by few tasks which was again fun packed.13254568_10153673816847883_7594338000943162160_n
Later Anoop introduced the panel with Moderator Natasha Badhwar a Mother, media professional, entrepreneur, blogger. The panalists were Dr.Rajiv Chhabra HOD of Paediatrics at Artemis Hospital, Ms Satinder Kaur Walia who has more than a decade of experience in working with individuals with disabilities both in India and as well as in USA, Dr .Jyoti Batra who is currently working as the Head Dietician at Batra Hospital.#catchingupongrowth
The panel members were highly experienced and we had a very interactive session regarding importance of right growth and catching up on lost growth. I’m sure all the parents present there would be highly benefited. A couple of bloggers discussed about their child’s issues with the panel.
Later Amaan Khan the Marketing head for Horlicks for the Indian Sub-Continent at GSK Consumer Healthcare did the product launch.#catchingupongrowthHorlicks Growth Plus was the product launched and this is specially made for children of the age group between 3 to 9 years. As the tag line says #catchupongrowth, the horlics growth plus is made to catch up on growth of those kids whose growth graph is affected.#catchingupongrowth Horlicks growth plus

The Horlicks growth pus comes in two flavours which is vanila and chocolate. Oh yes! we were given a mug of horlicks to taste I opted for vannila which tasted yumm like vanilla icecream. I don’t think any mom would find trouble in making their kids drink Horlicks growth plus as it tastes what they love the most ๐Ÿ˜€

Horlicks Growth+ Vanilla and Chocolate
Horlicks Growth+ Vanilla and Chocolate

Later we had a small tea break after which Anoop came back with a team task. We were divided into random group and where given a task to shoot a video on Horlicks Growth plus. It was fun planning and shooting videos, more over you get to interact with new bloggers whom you haven’t met before. After all that’s what Indiblogger aims at.our team
Below is what our team performed. Unfortunately we din’t win a price this time, but it was fun and I can’t wait to attend the next event by Team Indiblogger

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