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Wedding is the one and only occasion where the bride will be excited until the day of wedding and on the D- day, she will be tensed or under pressure 🙂 This excitement starts from the time the wedding dates are fixed. There are lots to do and along with excitement you get confused what to do first and what need to be done on priority. I would say, you can prepare a note and prioritize your list with wedding dress shopping on the highest priority in the list. We decided to help you for wedding dress shopping with some tips which you can follow while shopping.

  • Don’t postone: You are the bride and for your wedding the top focus always goes to the bridal wear. Don’t postpone your wedding dress shopping to the last week or last month of wedding. Also do a good research before you start your hunt!


  • Complement each other: Something very important to keep in mind while shopping your wedding dress. Sit with your partner and discuss on his preferences and decide a pattern and shade. Either you can go for a matching outfit or you can select something which complement your partners suit.
  • Match your accessories: your veil, tiara, bouquet etc play equal role to transform you into a beautiful bride. Give equal attention to bridal accessories along with wedding gown.
  • Stick to your budget: You know what you can afford. Don’t even look at the options which are out of your budget, by doing so you are just not wasting your time but it will create a confused state of mind and at the end you’ll end up spending out of your budget. So just focus on options which comes under your budget.

  • Take advantage of discounts: If you don’t wanna follow the above step make use of the discounts available in the shops 😀 .Try to shop your wedding dress during discount seasons like thanksgiving and off season sale.
  • Check for online shopping options: There are a number of websites which offer you beautiful gowns at a discounted rate. Just keep a note of few important point if you decide to shop online, like:
    a) Have a thorough look at the description column, about the patterns and fabric used. b) check the return and refund policy c) Check for online option only if you have ample time before wedding.


  • Choose the right shopping partner: Selecting the right shopping partner is equally important, or you are gonna screw up your day. Take someone who doesn’t compel you but gives an honest opinion. Do not take a dozen people for shopping. The most important, the final word should be yours.
  • Be ready to experiment: It’s always good to experiment on something new. You need not stick to what you have in mind. Have an open mind, take suggestions from your designer and try out something new. Who knows you may be getting your dream wedding gown there!


  • Don’t shop in a hurry-burry: If you have any emergency please postpone the shopping date, but never shop in a hurry-burry. Select your wedding dress taking your own sweet time, Man! after all it’s your wedding dress.
  • Know your body and what suits you: Last but not the least, Know your body and know what suits you and what doesn’t. Eg: Thin and curvy brides can try out mermaid wedding dress options.

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12 thoughts on “Buying your Wedding Dress? Its Easier than you thought

  1. nice tips for wedding dress shopping 🙂 i agree the wedding dress shopping should be done well in advance so that any huss-fuss can be avoided 🙂

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