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This is not a sci-fi , but an attempt to explain the time drift happening between the showroom and customer on the day vehicle is supposed to be delivered. Everyone does the necessary home work and research before buying a car. Buying a car doesn’t mean going to a showroom, paying the money for the car and buying it, but the whole process.

How it works?
When you finalize the car, you go to the showroom and tell them you would like to purchase XYZ branded Car Model name & variant (low, mid, high , top end). The showroom guys will confirm how soon are you going to get the car. The customer needs to pay a certain amount toward Booking (Not required if you are planning for lease). Once the vehicle is booked, then they will promise you certain timelines and all that. Apart from these, you can try to negotiate and gain some extra discounts too. Once the deal is confirmed, money paid then starts the waiting period.

eg: A goes and pays money for XYZ top variant.
The showroom asks A to wait for a month.
When the date is nearing, showroom people calls and tell the date on which they will deliver the vehicle. You wait!!!

The Day –
Showroom guys say this will take some more time and will be done by X ‘O clock. Being a good customer we wait silently. Time passes by, no news of the car. No one will pick up the phone, instead you get a call back stating there is some priority work before delivering your car.Now your mood get spoiled, you get irritated because you are waiting for the vehicle which has not come. Now things go hay wire and after couple of calls they the car reached. Now the owner lost all excitement because of the time drift, yes this is what I was talking about.

Happy Path:
If you want a car by X date, tell the showroom people that you want the car b X-2 (2 days prior the actual delivery date)
Inform them in advance what all accessories required for the vehicle.
Keep the necessary items needed for pooja ready.
Last but not the least, Start following up atleast a week earlier to ensure that you are getting vehicle On / Before time.

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15 thoughts on “Buying a Car – The Time Drift

  1. Over here, its somewhat the same thing; waiting but it also depends on which brand and which car. If readily available, delivery isn’t an issue. But for imported ones, we are usually told. I booked my new car and I presume it will be the delivery will be on time.

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