Buying A Motorbike

I used to dream about owning a bike as soon as I get into a job. Infact that is the first thing I did soon after I started working. This is the dream of almost every Indian and you will see too many two wheelers on Indian roads. We are lucky that our country’s weather is not so bad that we can ride motorbike to work places. While Motorbike is a luxury in many countries, it is the best economical vehicle for a person here in India. Be it city roads or country roads, riding a motor bike is laways fun. Traffic wont matter much when you have a two wheeler which needs minimum space to navigate through heavy traffic.

Buying a motorbike looks easy but it ain’t that easy and not every one buys a new one. There needs to be a bit of research to find out the right motorbike. Here is one place where we can search and figure out the different options available as per the budget. The initial research we did makes it easy to search for which motorbike to buy. Be it a honda, Yamaha, Bajaj, hero or the mighty Royal enfield. Buying a used bike is not always a bad idea, it has its own perks. For classic bike lovers, they can buy a classic old Royal enfield by searching it here. sometimes people sell almost new hardly used bikes online. Many times it happens that you have a job change and you cannot keep your bike there. In these situations we normal sell our bike and such bikes will be sparingly used. We can say it is more of a steal deal since the motorbike is close to brand new.

Lets take the example of the busiest city in India, Mumbai. For commute, a motorbike in mumbai is the best option after local trains. The best option is to buy a motorbike with good fuel mileage and ergonomics for daily commute. Unlike olden times we dont have to go to a showroom and book a bike. You can look for good ones online, arrange a test drive and then take the decision. I still remember the two wheeler ads of Bajaj and Hero Honda that which we used to see when we were kids. The slogan used to say it is for the family and you will see a family (father, mother & kid) travelling in a bike. The concept still remains, a family which earns small amount cant afford a car, but a used bike is a good. Modern day advantage is the ease of buying one, by searching online for the right model.

Good thing is that you can buy them online now. You can search area wise by using the filters to make it more specific like honda bikes in mumbai, yamaha bikes in mumbai  etc which will help you to get a bike which is nearby to your location . Clicking on a vendor name will show you details about the vendor. This includes a call option, an sms option. and even a map which shows vendor location (which is cool). There will be images of the motorbike with the details about the same. Its time for us to shop motorbikes too online 🙂 With crisp results and apt description with enough details. this is the best.

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