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Much ado is given to the bride and the groom in the wedding right !  Skin hair and what not!  But helloo?? The Brother and the brother’s outfit ??? Who is just running errands to find you the right accessory even if it is behind his capability to even understand what the heck is happening! Or entertains your friends like he belongs even if he doesn’t care all that much. He has the minimum sleep and slogs practically with work pounded on his head by the parents, chachas and mamas other than the groom and bride to be ! But well all this is the life of the weddings! Awwie I miss my broo *gets up and calls him before going further!*

So your brother needs to be best dressed at your wedding too.  If you are looking for what your brother’s outfit should look at wearing on your d day. Here’s some super designer inspiration from the Manish Malhotra and Shantanu and Nikhil archives! And its latest summer inspiration. So if you are a brother looking for outfit inspiration or the couple looking out for your baby brother or not so baby brother here’s  your solution!

The Brother's Outfit inspiration
Absolutely love the jackets by Shantanu and Nikhil.
The Brother's Outfit inspiration
The bandhgalas look sheek too! But if it’s a summer outdoor wedding you might wanto just avoid this.
The Brother's Outfit inspiration
Absolute love for the rim line design.
The Brother's Outfit inspiration
The colors are absolutely perfect for summer and linens always look good. I don’t why people think linens make a person look oldie! I love it.
The Brother's Outfit inspiration
The light floral pattern on the jackets is absolutely fabulous.
The Brother's Outfit inspiration
Stunning and different!
The Brother's Outfit inspiration
The self texture on the jackets is amazing!
The Brother's Outfit inspiration
Summer ready and young ! Perfection at the Manish Malhotra show!

It’s almost customary for you guys to comment below and let me know your thought on the matter now 😛 Also if budget is a cringe and you want to look for cheaper options you should go to a custom designer and work out similar options. And if looking for stuff in Delhi check this post here.


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