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      He gets up in the morning, earlier than he usually does, because it is his wedding day. He brushes his teeth, shaves his beard and takes a bath. After putting on some after-shave lotion and deodorant, he dresses up in his suit and joins his friends and relatives in the living room.

That is, in a nutshell, the plot of an average man’s wedding day. Men are not under that much pressure as women are when it comes to appearance and it is even clearer as the wedding day arrives. This is simply the world that still judges women on the basis of their looks and clothes. Although the position of women and attitudes towards them have changed over the last forty years, the wedding day is a time warp in women’s emancipation, equally accepted by both men and women. While men can just do the hygiene basics and get dressed for the wedding, women need to go through several circles of wedding initiation to glow and shine at the wedding. And definitely one of the main reasons for doing that is the process of being photographed at the wedding. Every bride is supposed to look gorgeous and fit on the their wedding photos and, which is most interesting, most brides really give in and turn into a model.

Check the teeth to be sweet

No matter if you are more of a serious person or a more cheerful one, the wedding day requires a lot of smiling and happy faces. Due to that, the most important pre-step is visiting a dentist to have your teeth checked and cavities fixed, if any. In addition, you can also do some whitening before the wedding. It is quite affordable these days and you should not spare money on that, because it can really make a difference and improve the freshness and looks of your teeth. On the other hand, if your budget is on a tight rope, you can do some whitening on your own, too, by using a baking soda or products such as whitening strips and gels.

Apart from that, consult a dentist about your fillings and think about replacing the black ones with the white ones in the places that will be visible when laughing during the wedding photo session.

Great photos by real pros

Bridal Guide: How to Look Great on Your Wedding Photos
Bridal Guide: How to Look Great on Your Wedding Photos


Let’s face it – if you want great wedding photos, you will need a great photographer. Every compromise, whether it is budget-related or simply due to the lack of interest in photography, will leave you unsatisfied with the final photo product. There are numerous wedding photographers in the world, from France to the Seychelles and Australia. Many couples decide to get married somewhere else in the world and one of the main reasons for that are the sights and the photo session that they want to do with them in the background. Just imagine being photographed for the wedding with Paris posing as your background or your Melbourne wedding photography featuring the famous Eureka Tower or even being photographed on one of its decks.

The mirror never lies

Since you will probably be trying on your wedding gown a couple of times before the ceremony itself, practice the posture, as well. The best thing for that is standing in front of the mirror. Your eyes will never let you down. Of course, you can ask your mother, sister or friends but the only valid measure is your own opinion. Just keep looking at yourself in the mirror and change the poses of your body. Try to memorize the ones in which you think you are going to be pleased with the way you look.

Also, try different variations on the subject; for instance, you can practice posing with a wedding bolero and without it; with a tiara or without it. By experimenting with different solutions, you will find the optimal solution for yourself.

Easy on the make-up

Sometimes people simply overdo. From physical exercise, over eating, to drinking, it is the most common thing to lose control and force yourself beyond your limits. However, overdoing with make-up on the wedding day will make you look ridiculous and even cheap. To avoid that, you can consult the mirror after every new layer of make-up, but here you should also ask your relatives or friends for advice and an estimate. More people will have a better insight and they can really help you in reducing the amount of shades, lipstick and other features. Also, the wedding photographer, if he or she is a real pro, should warn you about such an excess.

Guest Post by: Ann Harris

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36 thoughts on “Bridal Guide: How to Look Great on Your Wedding Photos

  1. Yeah, I’m sure that having a professional photographer helps A LOT 🙂 Those guys know what they’re doing. I sure as hell wouldn’t let crazy uncle Harry take my wedding pics, that’s for sure.

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