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I travel for work, I travel for vacations, I travel a lot as it is my passion. Wherever I go, I prefer trying the local cuisine available. To start with, my birth place Kerala. This is a state with rich and varied food culture(but not explored by non-Malayalis) . You travel from North Kerala to South and you will get to taste the most traditional Kerala cuisine. If there is a festival,  there are more exotic food. Well, in short, its a heaven for foodies. Kerala is a good place for both vegans and non-vegans. If you plan your trip in the right season, then you will be able to enjoy the spicy and yummy local food along with beautiful scenery and lovely weather. Some breakfast combos you should try when you visit kerala, infact I will say Must Try are:

Puttu : If you like to have a heavy and healthy breakfast, try Puttu ( Steamed Rice Cake). Puttu is made from rice flour, it’s  made by steaming the rice flour mix topped with grated coconut.

Puttu with Kadala(chana) curry or Putu with stew or with Banana and sugar or papadam(papad). One of the yummiest Vegan breakfast.

For the non-veg fans, you can try Puttu with fish curry or Chicken curry or Chicken Stew.


Appam: Appam looks like pancake/dosa with thin and crusty edges, its basically a bit sweet and made by rice flour, sugar and fermented coconut water (the main reason for all taste). If you like pancake then you are going to die for this one.

Appam and Stew is the most basic and staple vegan breakfast. Appam and dry coconut chutney is also makes a very good breakfast combo.

Eggetarians can try  Appam and Egg roast.

For the non-vegetarians, You can go for Appam and Fish moly or Appam and chicken stew or Appam and chicken curry.


Idiyappam: Idiyappam is another steamed rice dish. It is like healthy and soft rice noodles. This is the best description I can give 😀 , but a healthy food since no oil is used. Idiyappam is prepared by steaming thick rice batter. You need a idiyappam maker to try this one 🙂

Idiyappam with coconut milk and sugar is one combination while idiyappam with kadala curry (channa curry) and Idiyappam with Stew is another yummy breakfast for vegan lovers.
Non-vegetarians can try idiyappam with Chicken stew or Fish curry or Fish molee.

Kappa and Chammanthi (Tapioca & Chutney): Kappa is tapioca and chammanthi is chutney. Tapioca is boiled with a pinch of salt and other spices. This is then served with spicy green chilli chutney. One of the traditional vegetarian breakfast.

If you are a non-vegetarian, you should try Kappa with fish curry. One of the yummiest combinations.

kerala kappa

Kerala porotta: Most of us will be familiar with Kerala porotta, it’s made of maida(wheat porottas are also available) . This is a layered porotta which is nice and yummy. Kerala porotta with veg kuruma (mixed veg) curry is good for vegetarians. For eggeterians Kerala porotta with egg roast or egg curry is also good. For the non-veg lover, you should definitely try Kerala porotta with Chicken Curry or Fish curry or Mussel fry or Prawns Fry. There are many more combo, infact kerala porotta and any non-veg curry or thick gravy will be a good comnination. Its a heavy breakfast considering the fact that porotta is made from maida, suitable breakfast if you have to walk long distance or do some hard work.

kerala porotta

These are some of the breakfasts other than the normal Idly, dosa, roti etc And NO, we do not eat Rice and Sambar for breakfast, many people had asked me this question 😀 We are going to talk more about Kerala cuisine (lunch, dinner) soon, along with some super yummy snacks too. Keep drooling.  😛

ps: we do not own most of the pics displayed above 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Breakfasts you Should try when you visit Kerala – Kerala Cuisine

  1. I’ve experienced a lot of malayali cuisine when I was staying with few malayali girls in Chennai for post grad. I really liked Parotta, chicken curry and appam. I’d like to mention the fish pickle although its not a breakfast item. But I was literally crazy for it.

  2. I haven’t had authentic kerala food – especially my favorite porota in the last 6 months and right now I have gone into virtual food coma :/ Will come back later and drool some

  3. I have heard that kerala is a beautiful place..I would love to visit it and if i do i will make sure i taste each one of the cuisines you mentioned 😀

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