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Blog Now Live Forever, a conference organised by Indiblogger with speakers from different parts of the world. I have been to many events & get-together, but this one was far better than the rest. There was a balance of everything,every note was a Key Note and in each session we saw energetic speakers interacting with the enthusiastic crowd. The speakers list consisted of big names in blogosphere like Christophe Trappe, Jeff Bullas, Anshul Tiwary, Arnab Ray, Purba Ray, Kanan Gill, Preeti Shenoy & the great musician & rock star Bruce Dickinson. I am a die hard fan of Bruce & that boosted my purpose of attending this conference.

BNLF Stage

The venue was The Lalit Hotel Mumbai. A well organized conference at a good venue with top class facilities and a clear agenda with the right formula of speakers in each session. Contrary to normal this event started with a thrilling performance by Blunder a rock band performing Sweet Child O mine, Another Brick in the wall etc,

BLUNDER performing

Well a bit normal considering the Indiblogger style. The event started with energetic performance after which the speakers never let the enthusiasm & energy come down. First on stage was Purba Ray followed by Arnab Ray & Anshul Tiwari. Then it was lunch break where we got to interact with fellow bloggers who were amazingly talented. Well, One problem was that the lunch was good that all of us had that sleepy look post lunch 😀 


Post lunch session started with the energetic humour package Kanan Gill. A session where audience kept laughing, infact never stopped laughing. Also, the keyword of his session was funny..
After Kanan Gill came the marketing guru, Jeff Bullas.He is a speaker, consultant and an internationally recognized marketing blogger who is Ranked #8 on Forbes, The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent – 2014, few among his amazing achievements. I was patiently waiting for someone else 😛 , the one and only Bruce Dickinson’s session. Post Bullas came Preeti Shenoy and after that we saw the Pilot of EDforce one on stage in a blazer & jacket with a messenger bag & no guitar or chinos 🙂 Wow! That is Bruce and I was screaming his name on the top of my voice. I was listening patiently while his session was in progress & my respect for him increased exponentially. On the Q & A session, I got a chance to ask questions to Bruce and got it answered. That is the moment of my life. But Anoop made it more special saying ” dude, join the after party backstage & you get a chance to interact with him”. I was dead again and in the after party I got a chance to meet, greet & speak to him again. Thanks to Indiblogger team, especially Anoop for that.

Bruce Dickinson
Bruce Dickinson

Day 2 was the Master Class by Christophe Trappe & Jeff Bullas with a small culinary session during lunch break for all food bloggers in there . Christophe Trappe spoke about storytelling styles and how to publish good posts, the kind of posts people look out for, the attractive, special posts. He also spoke about some good tools & methods to manage the publishing. It was a very useful & interactive session.
One of the best decision made by us was deciding to attend #BNLF.

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