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“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear about Indian wedding is this famous quote by Will Smith. Yes, a big fat Indian wedding is what every bride and groom dream for. Every father starts to prepare and save for his daughter’s wedding even before she is born. Once a daughter is born, a fathers starts to dream about the big day.

Wedding can be of two types, the usual big fat Indian wedding, spending exorbitant amount for venue, decoration, food, dress, party, gifts and what not. Yea, we get married once in our life time so lets make it large. Everyone wants their marriage celebration to be the best among others. So they never refrain from spending all the hard earned or saved money for just a wedding. Then, there are others, not to mention very few, who go to a marriage registrar’s office, sign the marriage agreement, exchange garlands, throw party for few best friends and relatives. So basically Indian weddings are in the extremes,. either the first one or the later.

Recently in Kerala, the Women’s Commission’s proposal to curb marriage expenditure has created a lot of uproar. The panel urged the state government to draft a legal framework limiting the total wedding expenditure upto Rs 5 lakh. It is advised that bride shouldn’t be wearing gold more than 80 gms and the guest list should not be more than 200 people. Shouldn’t spend more than Rs 10,000 on the bridal dress, Rs 5,000 on the groom’s clothes, etc

On one side, we could argue that it’s our hard earned money so we have all the rights to spend the way we would like. On the other hand we could take it as a good cause by contributing it to poor or arranging a charity marriage for others at the same time.

What my say about this is, celebrate your wedding as the way you want, but never try to create a burden upon yourself or parents so as to impress the society.

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6 thoughts on “Big Fat Indian wedding – Is it just extravagant?

  1. Omgosh…I so agree!! The thing with us indians is that we loveeeee to show-off! And that’s so sad!! Sigh, I wish we could change our perceptions on things like marriages.

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