Best 14 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

For lovers who truly value romance, Valentine’s Day is a sacred event. And they will surely leave no stones unturned just to find the perfect Valentine’s gift for their special someone.

More than finding the most expensive gift, it is actually the more meaningful ones that strike the right cord in the hearts leading to the continued nurturing of love and affection between couples.

Even the most ordinary of gifts means special for as long as it communicates the message of the heart to a special someone.

Valentine gift ideas that draw appreciation

While there are plenty of Valentine’s gifts to choose from, the following is the 14 best gift ideas to give to one’s partner come February 14. By best, we mean tried and tested and a cinch to get the appreciation of one’s partner.

  1. Personalized love note – There’s nothing more charming than writing a personalized letter of endearment to a special someone on Valentine’s Day. Whether a V-Day card or a plain-old love letter, they always work.

  2. Jewelry – Who can forget the saying: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?” Any type of bling would cast a spell on any woman. It also works on men but not as much as they do on the female species.

  3. Roses – A classic gift whose charm is never lost on the receiver, especially among women.

  4. Chocolates – Still works especially if given a touch of creativity. Don’t just pick up a couple of chocolate bars from the shelves; go for the unique-looking ones – heart-shaped, made from special ingredients, and the like.

  5. Perfumes – Fragrance always helps reignite passion in a relationship. What’s good about this idea is that it works both ways too.

  6. Shopping – For a man to allow his woman to splurge on shopping is like taking her to seventh heaven so this gift idea could really cast the right spell. But it does not work the other way around.

  7. Candle-Light Dinner – Another classic strategy but it never fails.

  8. Engagement Ring – There is no substitute in proposing to marry your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

  9. Pampering Yourselves – A day to relax, refresh, and look good always on spas score brownie points on both ends of the relationship.

  10. Stay-cation – A night in a hotel, near or far, means spending more quality time together.

  11. Sexy Lingerie –It is a best valentine gift for wife. It evokes an unstated compliment to a woman if she receives such because it means that her lover appreciates her physical appearance, aside of course from stirring up passion on the relationship.

  12. Do Something Different Together – Tired of monotonous Valentine’s Day celebrations and gifts all those years? Try something new together like going on hiking, biking, scuba diving, among others. There is nothing like taking on a new hobby together to infuse new excitement to the relationship.

  13. Renewing Your Vows – Perfect for married couples to mark the milestones of their relationships.

  14. Share Valentine Celebration with Other Couples – It’s usually where couples learn best practices in sustaining healthy, harmonious and romantic relationships that could withstand the test of time.

    Matter of the hearts

    Regardless of what you will be giving your special someone on Valentine’s Day or how you intend to deliver it, the important thing is that your gift communicates what’s in your heart.

    After all, Valentine’s Day is more about speaking hearts rather than about talking minds and mouths.
Guest posy by: Sunny Popali


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