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I always wonder how most these food bloggers keep themselves fit even after eating out most of the time. For us, post Vacation period is like a detox course. We shamelessly regret about the amount of fat we gained 😀 We love traveling and moreover, we love to explore the local cuisine of the place we travel to and we never miss to try out the best restaurants in the area.
So after coming home what we do is fix a healthy routine and follow that to keep us away from the diabetics, cholesterol and all such deadly villains :D. We incorporate some healthy ingredients in our daily routine which definitely helps us detox and stay healthy even after eating junk. Carom seeds( Ajwain) is one such thing which I always include in my daily routine.
The health benefits of Carom seeds are numerous and I thought I would share it with you guys too.

  • First and foremost, ajwain helps in weight loss. It helps in speedy metabolism which burns the extra fat in your body leading to weight loss.
  • Ajwain Helps in curing indigestion and acidity.
  • Including ajwain in your daily diet will help to get rid of constipation.
  • Ajwain helps to cleanse and detox your kidneys helping in curing kidney stones and other kidney disorders.
  • You can control diabetic to an extent by incorporating Carom seeds and fennel(methi) seeds in your daily diet.

By now you know that Carom seed are excellent for stomach related issues. Apart from these, there are much more medicinal values of ajwain seeds and it is one of the main ingredients in ayurvedic medicines.

Carom seeds and fennel seeds infused water

How to include Carom seeds/ Ajwain in your daily diet/routine.

  • For weight loss- Start your day by drinking a large glass of water soaked in ajwain and fennel seeds overnight. You’ll see the result in a couple of weeks.
  • Acidity- Soak a tablespoon of roasted carom seeds and cumin seeds each in hot water. Strain and drink when the water is luke warm after adding some grated ginger. All these 3 ingredients are excellent for curing acidic problems.
  • Digestion- Those who struggling with indigestion can add a spoon of carom seeds in your daily diet like parathas, roti vegetable curries, dal and even drink ajwain infused water.
  • Drinking Ajwain infused water on a regular basis helps to cleanse your liver and kidney leading you to a healthy life.
    I start my day with a glass of water soaked in carom seeds and fennel seeds overnight. It keeps me light and refreshed and also keep me away from stomach related problems. I would recommend you all to include carom seeds in your daily routine. If you are already doing it do share your tips in the comments
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