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My mom always complains that I choose the easiest way when it comes to beauty care and please don’t ask what my grandmother has to say about our cosmetic desire. They always advice me to use the home made method rather than going after ready made beauty care products with chemicals. Even though I know they are always right, am too lazy to follow their beauty tips. The problem with us is that we never bother about our future; I want instant results which homemade beauty products can’t give. I’m pretty sure  that my skin and hair will no where match the beauty of my mom or grand mom, when I reach their age.

It’s true that they don’t have many choices back then, unlike us they are not spoiled with multiple choices. All the cosmetics we use are still available back then, the only differences is that they have the home made version or they did it all DIY :

  •  Hair care:  Hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, volumizer, hair spray and What not.. we have such a huge variety of products for hair care and mine still looks like pig tail.. 😐 , and grand mom, she just uses coconut oil, her conditioner is hibiscus leaf paste. At this age she still have much healthier hair than mine…GRrrrr..Atks16


  • Hair coloring: Whenever I flaunt my colored hair my mom gives a lecture on henna benefits,  I know she is right, but I think I prefer chemicals.. 😛 No wonder her hair has got least white strands..what they had was natural henna from thier own garden.Atks17


  • Skin care: Fairness cream, face wash, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, night cream, sunscreen… and the list goes on. And guess what they used just lemon, honey, besan, turmeric, curd..  Do they have black heads, pimples, pigmentation or blemishes??? NO WAY!!!!
  • Kajal: Just for two eyes, we all have at least half a dozen brands of kajal,liners and mascara with us ( no am not embarrassed to admit 😀 ). My grandma used home made kajal and still they use the home made kajal for new born babies.
  • Body care: We are always tempted by the shower gels available in the market, every time I go for shopping I get confused with what to choose among the wide varieties. But what our ancestors used were besan, now I don’t think I need to tell you the benefits of besan. Their oil massage is equal to our after bath body care 😀Atks18


  • Body scrubber: Yes we own those colorful varieties of cute body scrubbers, and they used coconut husk fiber which is 100% better than plastic and synthetic scrubber which I use nowAtks16


  • Nail polishes: Nail polishes, nail art , nail extension, manicure, pedicure… hmmm… and what they had was natural henna which never came in those cones which we get now..

    We all know that whatever our ancestors used were the best way of beauty care, but either we are too lazy or busy to follow them now. Just imagine how much money they might have saved by using all these natural methods. No wonder our father/ husbands are not happy with our shopping bills 😉 All I want to say is that once in a while listen to our grandmothers beauty tips, they are much more safer than the chemicals we are using now. Let this be my New year resolution. Oops!!

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31 thoughts on “Beauty care now and then

  1. I agree with your mum and grandma and also disagree. One of the reasons why the home made or natural product worked for them is that they stayed at home and the pollution level those days was so minimal. But now, with balancing so many roles, going out to work and being exposed to sun, wind, heat, dusk and the rest, home made remedies only work to a certain extend. I certainly wish I don’t have to spend on buying branded products.

    1. Trust me dear, if you have patience you will definitely get the result from home made products also, but we are too lazy/busy to follow it when we get the alternative in a ‘ready made tube’. And i think their life is far more exposed to heat and dust because like new generation housewives they didn’t have cooking range, oven, vacuum, washing machine etc. As they didn’t have other options they used home made products.. 😉

  2. I so agree. My grandmom keeps going on and on about how much chemical I use daily. And she hardly has wrinkles and still a beautiful complexion. Guess we need to go back to being organic.

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