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The best part of having a south Indian friend is that when ever you are planning a trip to south just give her/him a call and you will get all the accurate details about the place. My colleagues from North India always takes my guidance whenever they are planning a trip to Kerala, and I am always excited to guide them. Wayanad, Idukki and Alappey. I can swear on these places that you won’t be disappointed with these choices. Those are my favorite picks from Kerala 😀

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Today let me take you on a tour to Wayanad. Greenery! – all you can see is greenery when you look around, beautiful tea estates, waterfalls, caves, peaks, rivers; it’s like back to the nature away from all the hazels of metro life. There is an umpteen number of waterfalls in Wayanad, a whole week won’t be sufficient to cover them all. It’s better to choose 2-3 waterfalls to visit because most of them are situated in the interiors and you will have to do a little trekking to reach there.

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Sentinel rock waterfalls, Soochipara falls, Kanthapara falls, Meenmutty falls are the most famous ones. But don’t forget to plan your trip during the best season, it’s from Oct to February. After March you can hardly see any water in waterfalls.. Ufff terrible Summers.. 😛 07-DSC00634 (1)

Edakal caves are a must visit place if you love trekking. It’s not actually a cave, but a cleft caused by a piece of rock splitting away from the main body. Those rock walls have certain interesting carvings, which contains human and animal figures, believed to be from 6,000 BC. If you are interested in archaeology and history do visit Wayanad Heritage Museum, there you can see articles like clay sculptures, ancient hunting equipments like bows and arrows, stone weapons and other curios. It’s like going through the life of tribal’s.


About Kuruwadweep(an island) you can always listen to two versions of the story. It is an uninhabited island in a river. If you love rafting on bamboo or fiber boats and if you love flora and fauna, also if you like blending in nature with streams along and if you are never tired of walking in woods you are gonna love this place, but on the other hand you can tag it as a uninhabited river delta and can perceive it as a boring place, But personally I just loved it.

The beautiful Wayanad


The other places you can visit is Pookot lake , Banasurasagar dam, Jain temple, Chembra peak, Muthanga wild life sanctuary etc. I would suggest that you can visit two to three places in a day, because most of them are situated in remote areas, so travelling can be tedious and you may not enjoy the trip if you plan in a single day. Book your stay in such resort where you can really enjoy the natural beauty of Wayand rather than in towns. There are a plenty of beautiful resorts in Wayanad.







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  1. Nice in Kerala … Kerala have a Amazing Wildlife Destinations in Wayanad, The Wiayanad Tourism make a great experience in our wildlife travel…

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