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What will you be remembered for? The answer is very simple. We like to be remembered for good. In today’s world where everyone is trying hard to prove their individual success, this question has got a lot of importance. We remember people for their good deeds – pretty much for what we like to be remembered for. For that we ought to be selfless and contribute our bit towards the society and Nation. Let us do our bit and just not run behind individual success.

The latest commercial by Seagram’s 100 Pipers has got the same message. You may be remembered for your outstanding performance in the corporate world, or you may be remembered for your competitive spirit, or for networking with those who work for you. No matter what you do, you really want to be remembered for good, and that’s how true legends are.

In 1745, a hundred pipers led the Scottish legend Bonnie Prince Charlie into battle. This Scottish legend is the inspiration behind the scotch whiskey 100 Pipers. The story goes like this. A master blender, while blending in the glen, tried a way to boost it up so that the sound of 10 Pipers could be heard. He tested and tasted and repeated. Finally, he could hear, not just 10 but 100 pipers playing in his glen and the 100 Pipers was discovered. Each sip evokes the music that builds courage in the hearts, allowing everybody who takes a sip to experience what the master blender did on that fated day.


It is woody and fruity, with a touch of peat oak fragrance creating an aromatic sweetness with delicate honey and vanilla notes, combined with well balanced noted of fruitiness and soft smokiness.

If you want to dig deeper and unlace their heavenly perfection here’s what you experience in every sip – beautiful aroma, ethereal taste, creamy texture, wonderfully complex character and smooth finish.


Take your time with this – We did because we like to Be Remembered For Good.

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