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Music, the one thing you can enjoy without knowing the language or meaning. It has no religion, region, caste or gender. After a tiring day at work, good music is the best medicine. This helps you when you are away from your home, family and friends working in some other country or city. For me Music is the single medicine which can cure most of my mood variations. Tokyo is famous for the night life. People work hard till late night and end up partying at a discotheque or pub. There are plenty of them, but Bauhaus is one place where you can enjoy the best rock music played by the awesome local band. How awesome is that? There is a secret, read on to find out what it is?

 Guitar Maestros

Guitar Maestros

Finding out this place is very easy. Ask for Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi 🙂 Bahaus is next to it, in the next building. When you enter the place, you get that rusty feeling of cafe which play classic rock. It’s a small place and not many seating, but one look at the stage and you will know they are serious. You will see the awesome Marshall Speakers and woofers and the musical instruments. Who plays this? Where are the artists? This is where they surprised me. There is an entry fee which doesn’t include any drinks. You have to pay for your drinks and food. Drinks are not that costly. We waited for sometime and then the artists were on the stage tuning up the instruments.

Tsubasa - A young chap who loves guitar!!
Tsubasa – A young chap who loves guitar!!

Lights off and then the magic begins. You will forget everything focusing on the music and only music. Soon things speed up and tempo changes. You can see the crowd head banging and dancing.The artists keep changing for different songs, including the folks on instruments. They have 4 guys on vocals, take turns. Most of them play guitars too. Then there are some female vocalists who are unbelievably amazing.The voice and the way they sing, you can barely think they are a local band. Perfection and customization at places as and when needed. That is the simple motto of these guys.

Dave Lewis & next to him is Kay Chan (The Ozzy )
Dave Lewis & next to him is Kay Chan (The Ozzy )

There are some female vocalists too.


Hiroe - The female vocalist
Hiroe – The female vocalist

They take small breaks after performing for an hour or so and start again. The night is young, but everything needs to stop sometime. Late night, they stop the music and by that time you will be in a different world where you don’t know anything other than music. The ambience is normal, you can smell the smoke in the air, but Music is the ambience. They played some awesome tracks, the best classic rock songs by GNR, Lynyard Skynyard, Metallica, Iron Maiden etc. They are pure talent with people of different age groups. There is a guy who plays like The great Ozzy and he is awesome. He might be in his 60’s but the energy he has when he performs, unbelievable.

Kay Chan a.k.a The Ozzy of Japan
Kay Chan a.k.a The Ozzy of Japan



That's K. J
That’s K. J

The perfect place for all who loves rock music, especially the classics. When you are in Bauhaus you get the feeling of watching a live concert. This place is jam packed on weekends and most of the weekdays 😀 As I said above there is a secret about this place, well there is one. These are in-house artists and the first time you see them, you wont realize they are the artists. They run this place, they are the waiters, the cashier, the person in bar counter etc and when the lights go off & music starts, you see them on the stage. This is the best bunch of local artists I will say who earn a living by mixing business & their passion. You can check their website for more details about the events, song list and other details.


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21 thoughts on “Bauhaus -Must visit for music lovers: Tokyo Diaries

  1. Omgosh as a metal-genre fan, I am sure that this place would be an ideal place for me to chill out!! I love japanese music, they’re just so so talented!! The metal scene in Jp is definitely hardcore!!! \m/

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